Are the Youth of today less Creative and Imaginative

Youth of today

Young people being less creative or not? has different opinions in everyone’s mind. Some have positive opinions, while others have negative opinions about it. What is the “New Generation “? A generation is divided into 4 types; Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z. Gen Z is the recent phase or stage that we are going through also commonly known as the New Generation or post-millennial the young people of this era. The youth of this generation.

The new generation which is known as the i-generation is the group of people who are born after 1995. It’s referred to as “i” because of the increasing growth of the internet and mobile web. The group of generation believes is working smart. This recent part of the generation belongs to the internet age. And as Don Tapscott’s named it- the ” Net Generation” – “to reflect the impact of the Internet in their lives.


When it comes to the positive part about the New Generation is that it is far more competitive and more thriving than the older Gens. Also, the special thing about this Gen is how technologically advanced they are. In this generation the technology is used in every small thing that we do in our life, it’s not just limited to the business environment. I think we have all thanked our advanced technology for getting our work done in a better and faster way. Now we can order anything we want, just by sitting at home or delivering it as well across the globe, without even moving physically and it’s all just a click away.

Social Media

The process of learning got more advanced and accurate over time. We can get in contact with anyone we like, even if we are far away from each other. We can receive and send messages in just a nick of time. This recent generation is taking online communication to a completely new level. Also known as e-communication; a generation that runs on the net uses all-new ways of technology to send like via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, etc. Unlike the old generation which only used to communicate by meeting the person face to face or by sending letters which take days to receive and to reply.

Social influence

The new generation is famous for socializing, they don’t just use their online communication technology for talking with friends, they use it for marketing, PR, and even sales. Even when we get lost in direction or knowledge-wise, our gifted technology helps us. The New Generation is much faster and smarter than the old generations.


i-generation is always busy making the world better and easier for everyone. As mentioned earlier this era believes in working smart rather than working hard, so they easily fix their problems through technologies. Another positive point would be that the new generation is really good at multitasking. This part of the generation is born in the era of technology the (i-generation) I represent today’s famous technology like iPhone, iPad, Wii, or iTunes. This era which is born from technologies has completely changed the way humans work.

People of this generation are open to new ideas, new talent, and new creation. They are more focused on work than the Millennials. Especially this generation has been working a lot in developing and changing the world. From enlarging the industrial sector to business sectors, to bringing up platforms for youngsters with the talent to perform, I feel that this generation speaks the language of freedom than any other generation.


Now comes the negative part; New Generation is referred to as a synthetic world. The world may be advanced but it has lost the touch of originality and tradition. As I mentioned the New Gen is more competitive than the Old Gens, it’s not always in a good way. People are going out of their own limits to get better than others, and they even forget their own true nature of being human. They are multi-taskers and due to that, they remain under a lot of pressure and depression. The New Gen has forgotten how to live in peace, they are always busy as mentioned earlier. Somehow they are lost in between the advanced world and their technologies.

Influence of technology

They want to excel at everything and stay perfect and thus they seem to be those robots in movies, who only listen to the commands of the synthetic voices of the technology, these people need to relax. Now they only enjoy their life for others to see, as if they only live to show off to others. I’m talking about kids these days who are always involved in the social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, a platform that only fakes perfect life, which makes these kids so stressed up to act up that they often suffer a mental crisis, which lowers their self-confidence as well. They prefer talking to the person via text rather than confronting them face to face.

Getting weaker

This New Generation is more emotionally weaker than their predecessor generations and is also less optimistic. Kids these days are more obsessed about their safety than any generation, they are also termed as immature. The New Gen has taken themselves too far from the human touch, that they don’t even know how to express themselves now. The words emotion and morals are too alienating for them. It has lost human values in life. The ratio of mental crises and problems has been rising over the past few years. Our generation is mostly concerned about reassurance than being more confident.




I being a member of the i-generation group, personally feel that being born in a generation so advanced is both a gift and a curse, it all matters to the person who holds it and decides which one he/she wants it to be. If you take it as a gift, then you will be able to use it purposefully but if you look at it as a curse, insecurities will hit you and hurt you mentally and physically. It seems as if we all are surfing and the waves of the ocean mean the wave of the effect of the technology that passes by and it’s on us, to surf on the wave properly and not lose our control. Not everyone from this generation is spoiled, there are still some who want to take advantage of it and use it wisely. This generation is not as bad as all the people think. They have and do everything that most millennials haven’t been through. It can be taken as both, positive and negative.

        For better or worse, every new generation brings a new version to surpass their previous. And this will go on till the time of human existence.

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