Does ‘FEMINISM’ stands for defaming males?

  • Have you recently heard any news about female exploitation? Any eve-teasing, rape news etc. by means of news channels and social media. Were you also a bear with a sore head after reading about the incident? Well if yes then you are not the only one. On the other hand, most of the people would also have the same reaction. They just want to straight away hang the accused without even thinking for a second about the credibility of the news. Is that right?
  • Suppose someday, someone accuses your brother or father for the same. What would you do then? Would you trust the so called victim blindly or try to know the reality of the scene? I think its a question worth asking to our inner judicial system who is so influenced by the media and fake news that the balance of its justice is broken by non countered torque of discrimination towards a particular gender. Discrimination against men isn’t limited to these serious matters only but it had started and rapidly expanding in other more regular dimensions of life too. From public transportation to the education system, the discrimination against men or unfair advantages to women are rising day by day and with every passing new law. When was the last time a bill was passed regarding the issues of the male gender? The real women empowerment is not possible with feminism or masculism, it is only the equality in every sphere that can bring the real empowerment.
Special reservation for women in public transport.
  • Women always had a disadvantage in societies. Not just Indian but throughout the world. They have to struggle a lot for their basic rights such as Right to Vote. With the modernization of society, the stereotypes against them started to disappear. They were given equal rights and equal positions. But as the saying goes that “extreme is never good”, as we are progressing towards the extreme of their rights, things have started to show their negative face. Now women enjoy a special advantage in almost everything at least in India. From train tickets line to tax benefits, from loan advantages to admissions in institutes, from special seats in public transport to the job sector.
  • Are all these things really required? If you say that women are no less than men or even better, then what is the need of all of it? Any rational argument will at least say that there should be equality in gender. Some may argue that to increase the women participation these things are necessary but these brilliant people don’t see that if a family is not allowing its daughter to pursue something by going against their culture or background then they are not going to change their mindset for some percentage of reservation. In spite of all these cheesy techniques, why don’t we create a level field by bringing more participants to the arena and education. Spreading awareness is a way better technique for it. It will not only train them in a better way but also increase the productivity of a nation as a whole with more contribution from everyone.
Rohtak Sisters in a press Conference
  • Remember the brave Rohtak sisters? The Bharat Ratna deserving Jhansi ki Rani of the modern age as the social media and news channels portrayed them. How many of the people still think that the mistake was from the boy’s side. If you think so, then its not your mistake only but its the mistake of complete irresponsible and useless top media houses of the country who can defame anyone without having zero idea of the facts and situation just for some points of TRP and later don’t even bother to present the truth before their blindly trusting audience when its later exposed. Slowly we have created a society where men are always culprits and women are always victims even if proven otherwise.
  • Today if a man is only accused of rape without any evidence, even if proved innocent, the society will still rape him everyday, at every corner of street, with eyes and words because men is a born criminal with the evilest mind of all creatures who looks at every woman with dirty eyes no matter how badly the same woman is staring at him because anyway, eve teasing is also a men thing, women don’t do these things. Is every girl still the divine Sita whereas boys have killed their Rama long back? Blackstone’s principle says that it is better if ten guilty escapes than the suffering of one innocent. Don’t let the guilty escape but at least allow the innocent to live when he is proven to have done nothing wrong from every angle possible.

I am not against women stepping outside, working, enjoying their life and freedom but even our constitution clearly states that your freedom should not harm others. Earlier men were powerful and as the saying goes that power corrupts but absolute power, corrupts absolutely. We should not give absolute power to any gender. The feminist movement taught women to be victims of oppressive patriarchy.
Self – imposed victimhood isn’t a happiness recipe. Many have begun to raise their daughters more like sons, but few have the courage to raise their sons more like daughters.

Let us think about it and try not to deviate towards an even biased society when we are so close to an equal one. The one that the very first of the women empowerment list had thought, the one with equal light and rain for everyone, the one our decedent can be proud of and the one that shall remain for eternity.


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