A Complete Guide To Virtual Reality

Now there are so many gadgets available like Google home, amazon echo, Alexa, etc., that will not only help you in telling directions but will also help you in telling recipes step by step at your own pace, tell jokes, read poetry, sing a song or even play games with you.

These virtual assistants are now becoming an important part of our lives. Those days are gone, where we had to look for recipes on the smartphone or play music or to do any such type of activity.

These devices are not like any big machines. Just some small cute gadgets that will take only a small space at your home.

This is all possible because of the virtual assistant.

what is virtual reality?

What is virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants had became an important part in our life.

A digital assistant is like a helper that does the work based on our commands. Sometimes they are referred to as chatbots.

They were mainly used for recreational purposes. Now they are widely used for other purposes like making phone calls, playing music, telling directions of a shop and many more.

They interpret human voices and respond in synthesized voices.

Many companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have already launched their products in the field of a virtual assistants. And the competition is getting tougher among these companies, to remain at the top of the game.

Types of virtual assistant –

Depending on which place it is used, they are of various types, like

  • It is used in speakers like Google home or Amazon echo
  • In apps specifically to order products
  • In a smartphone, and so on

What virtual assistant can do..

Virtual assistant is making our life easier.

The services provided by the virtual assistant are:

  • To play music from Pandora or Spotify
  • Play videos, movies, shows
  • To provide information like the weather forecast, facts, etc.,
  • To make phone calls and much more.,

The list does not end here. As technology is becoming advanced and new technologies are coming every day, the features of the virtual assistant are becoming more advanced and user-friendly.


The journey of a digital assistant that started in 1911. Radio Rex was the first toy that works on the command of voice.

Till then, several devices and applications have been made, in this field. From Radio Rex in 1911, IBM shoebox

To know more about IBM shoebox, please click on the link below:


in 1962 to the digital assistant Siri and now Google home mini, amazon echo, and many others.

Time will soon come when we just have to say it, and work will be done. It can be done by our voice or even a click of a button. The future ahead us will be very exciting and who knows what technology will be there in the near future.

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