Society says it is her choice. No, it is not. Our community says she is not being forced but they are wrong. They don’t realise that the unfortunate circumstances limit her options. She does not have any other way of living, family or monetary support, she might have a child to take care of. Maybe she is living in a family with no earning member and the kind of situation our country is in, she does not have the necessary education or qualifications to get a job. This is the story of girls and women who choose to be a part of this profession.

Life is strange. We are so engrossed in our own problems that we fail to acknowledge the stagnant dynamics of our community. Small girls are kidnapped, drugged to appear more mature; henceforth, sold to brothels. The rest of the story is more heartbreaking, every day these under-age girls are raped and abused.

Every day in the life of these women is a struggle in itself. There is another aspect to this that lurks in the shadows. Female prostitution is so easy to talk about as if it is something so natural but people fail to acknowledge male prostitution. The sexual mores of society are witnessing a gradual change. Women in conservative society are now paying for sex. There have been cases where the males are left unpaid for their service, later blackmailed by the customer threatening him with the charge of rape.

The gigolos are not a problem, society to which they cater their services is. Yet another problem that both male and female prostitutes face is the sexually transmitted diseases like HIV which not only affects their health, moreover their social life which is already on the verge of a cliff. Lacking the financial resources for their treatment, they continue their services in their diseased conditions resulting in a further increase in the prevalence of these diseases.

Adding to the problem are the unhygienic conditions they live in, unavailability of proper food leading to their malnutritioned states, the mental breakdown and the constant utilisation of their body drains them in and out. Their cries go unheard in the four walls of the room.

Taking the movie Talaash into account, it can be clearly seen that even though the movie is dramatized according to the Bollywood standards, it still unmistakably demonstrates that people don’t even value the lives of prostitutes. A group of friends hire a prostitute and are driving towards their hotel and had an accident; one of the friends and the girl Simran (prostitute) are injured. The other two take their friend to the hospital and they chose to leave her unattended on the road to bleed to death. The movie makes it deep evident that it is not just the respect of this profession which is lacking but the fact that these guys didn’t even have a pinch of humanity to save her life.

Prostitution if respected could be a profession that gave the required conditions for both parties where one desires pleasure and the other needs money. Unfortunately, reality is never beautiful. It is a version that everybody hates to accept because it is disturbing and deplorable. With the rate at which cases of sexual assault, abuse, harassment and rape are reported, legalising prostitution is considerable. The criminalisation of prostitution may further show a significant increase in these crimes. The following link is an article that explains and gives evidence to this point.

No one can be forced to be a prostitute. The running of brothels and pimping are acts which invite legal action to ensure that the condition of poverty or unemployment cannot be used by anyone for their advantage to pressurise a woman into prostitution. What saddens us is that there is a huge gap between the law on paper and its execution. In spite of brothels and pimping being illegal, they are very much prevalent in the country.

India has a number of fundamental rights, for these people, they cease to exist. Every time they are touched against their will, beaten, abused, raped; their right to life and their right to choose their profession is violated.

Ever given a thought about how children born in brothels spend their lives? I would like to leave my blog here for all of you to give this a thought. It is not just an act or a profession. It is not just a single person’s life. It is a topic of discussion and not something to be considered a taboo or derogate.


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