Secrets that movie theatre don’t want you to know

Secrets that movie theater don’t want you to know
There are lots of things that theater don,t want you to know

There are lots of things that theatre don,t want you to know

So here are some points to justify…

  1. Movie Never starts on given time say if ticket say movie starts at 8 Pm it will start from 8: 10 Pm because theatres want everyone to see there ads
  2. Popcorns is movie theatres yes those costly popcorns We buy at theatres that are not always fresh. For the simple Reason if the sales didn’t go accordingly you can reuse it
  3. Food Combos don’t always save your money You must have heard many times that buy food Combos it saves you lot of money but it’s not always Like this those offers you see are because most theatres Make more money with their food rather than tickets
  4. The last and most important fact that will make your time worth it is that Employees don’t care if you sneak into another movie. So if you want to go to other movies and theatre have available seats go for the movie employees don’t Mind. 


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