Love and trust are the pillars of a strong relationship. Hardly, there is anything in this world which is near to perfection and the same rule applies in the realm of relationships. Mutual understanding is a must to keep your relationship healthy.

In today’s era, more and more people are dependent on digital communication or social media which widens the already deep gap between different generations. So, it is the human trait of mutual understanding that makes a person of any gender or age, realize the value of relationships that they possess in life.

At times, little things can cause strain the relationships. I have listed few Simple relationships tips that can prove beneficial in any type of relationship.

healthy relationships

1. The most important step that you can take in being in a strong and healthy relationship is to accept yourself as a person who you are. Just for the sake of wanting to be in a relationship, you must not change your original persona.

Never curb your inner-self just for the sake of another person, then only you will be happy in a relationship.

2. It is not necessary to gift anything to a person. Normally, compassionate behavior can make a person will on top of the world. Whether it is your friend or partner, appreciate them over their special accomplishment. The habit of appreciation towards your partner increases their trust in you and also your worth.

healthy relationships

Present them with a unique gift to celebrate their achievement, so that they are overwhelmed with your heart-warming gesture. It will be a special occasion to cement your ties much stronger.

Trust & Respect in Healthy Relationships:

3. Trust is the stepping stone towards building healthy relationships. If you and your partner have mutual trust, then any third person will not be able to strain your relationship.

For having complete trust on each other, make sure that you don’t get suspicious or don’t become vulnerable about anything said by any other individual rather make an attempt to the depth of things. Make sure that you, never break the trust of your partner.

Trust in healthy relationships

5. Respecting your partner reflects on what you think about the relationship. Respect makes the person much calmer and receptive towards a different viewpoint, espcially if it is the view of your partner.

For having a strong and healthy relationship, it is important to maintain a fine balance between every relationship that you have in your life. Importance should be given to every person who is important part of your life.

In love, it doesn’t matter how much capable you are rather but what is relevant is the dedication with which you are carrying the relationship forward.

Sometimes due to a bad mood, we get angry on our partner and starts blaming them. Never play the blame game in a relationship. Everytime, putting the blame unecessarily on the other person for the sake of covering up your own fault is not good at all. Be courageous enough to accept your mistake and apologize.

Signigicance of Communication in a Relationship:

6. If you want to nurture the relationship carefully, you have to become a good listener. What others are saying, what’s the opinion of the other person about a particular situation. Convey your feelings to your partner in an honest way, don’t sugar-coat it. Not only become a good listener to your partner but also ask questions from them, then only there can be a solution to any probelm that you face in a relationship.

healthy relationships

Give Privacy in a Relationship:

7.Being in a relationship does not mean that you can hover over every moment of your partner. Giving privacy to your partner is a must in being in a positive relationship. You cannot make the relationship, the last stop for your partner.

Both of you must be having your own social circle, so give sufficient space or in other words privacy to your partner which will give enough breathing space to your relationship.

8. Ignore trivial issues that can strain your relationship, if stretched any longer. Before, you keep your opinion at the forefront, make it a point to hear what your partner has to say.

Become Each Other Support Sysytem:

9. Both the partners have to become the rock-solid support system of each other. No matter in whichever crisis your partner is always remain present there for your partner. Never leave them mid-way in a crisis.

Make an attempt to understand each other’s perspective. It is not necessary to always begin and end a conversation on an agreement. Understanding calls for halting the session of arguments and getting to know the viewpoint of your partner. This way, you can easily avoid the argumentative converation to being turned into a battle of sought.

Every person has some limitation in one way or the other but you should accept the person as they are. Never try to make your partner feel inferior.

Your relationship might also suffer from rough patches. Committed relationships do suffer a bump in their ride but have faith in each other and always remain together. As privacy is important in every relationship, Likewise, spending time together is also need of the hour. Plan a Sports adventure trip together. Never allow boredom to have a place in your relationship.

Onus of Your Happiness lies on You:

10. Think twice before surrendering the happiness of your life to your partner. In the longer run, both of you will feel suffocated. The onus of your happiness lies on you only. You cannot hand over the key to happiness to your partner thinking that your partner would do anything to make you happy, is totally wrong.

You cannot choose to blame your partner if suffering from a low patch in your life. Introspect about what you are missing so as to be happy from within.

Clearly Spell out your Expectations:

11. It is quite possible that both the partners in a relationship have divergent views on trust, respect, and communication. It will be better to know the view of the partner on these critical aspects of a relationship to avoid development of any misunderstanding at later stages.


Foundation of a Strong and Healthy relationship is not laid overnight. People involved in a relationship have to carefully and lovingly nurture it. Though there are millions of tips that can be laid out on how to have such kind of relationship but the truth is people learn it from their experiences on how to take care of different types of relationship they have in their life.


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