Always eating in the same old restaurant might bore you. To make your eating experience fun and enjoyable, themed restaurants are coming in the view. Not only these restaurants serve delicious meals but also they come up with different themes to attract customers. Themed restaurants are becoming popular in India. So dive right in and know about some famous themed restaurants:

Kaidi Kitchen

Kaidi kitchen is located in Camac Street, Kolkata. It is based on the theme of JAIL. The whole restaurant is designed as a jail and the servers are dressed as police inspectors and prisoners. Kaidi kitchen serves different types of cuisine like Thai, Mexican, etc., The restaurant serves vegetarian food only.

Themed restaurants

The Real Poseidon

Located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, it is India’s first underwater restaurant where you can enjoy your meals looking at the underwater creatures. The Real Poseidon is a vegetarian restaurant.

Gufha-the cave themed restaurants

Gufha is located in Jayanagar, Bangalore. It is a cave-themed restaurant which is designed like a real cave. Gufha serves delicious food and is one of the best-themed restaurants in Bangalore.

Chor Bizarre

As the name suggests chor bizarre restaurant is themed on the very famous Chor Bazaar. Chor Bazaar is one of the very popular markets in Delhi. It serves different cuisines and serves excellent food. The restaurant is located in Delhi.

The Ciclo Café

The Ciclo cafe is based on the theme of bicycles where you can enjoy the old memories of your childhood. Visiting the cafe will surely refresh you, making you long for the old school bicycle rides with friends. The cafe design is totally based on bicycles including its furniture too. Bicycles of different era and brand are exhibited on the wall.

Chokhi Dhani Village

Chokhi Dhani Village serves authentic Rajasthani food. It is a resort which is situated in Jaipur. The Chokhi Dhani Village will give you the vibes of Rajasthan. Making you feel like visiting the whole of Rajasthan.

Nature’s Toilet Café

As the name suggests the restaurant is designed on the theme of the toilet. The furniture of the restaurant is designed as toilet seats. It sounds a little strange but it will be fun to visit the restaurant once. The whole restaurants are designed on the theme of the toilet with urinals and lavatories, making it a unique restaurant in India.

The Taste Of Darkness

If you want to enjoy the food in darkness. Then, the taste of darkness restaurant might be the right choice for you. It is based on the theme of darkness. From the entrance of the restaurant, you will find complete darkness where you will require a walking stick to move forward. You will enjoy your meals in complete darkness and usage of light emitting gadgets is prohibited inside the restaurant.

This list, of course, does not end here.  There are many other famous themed restaurants like the Bhaijaanz, Hijackk,  1857,  The Black Pearl and many more. If you know a themed restaurant that is in your city, then comment below and let the world know!


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