The Controversies of Mr.Gandhi and Dr.Singh


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The Persona of Rahul Gandhi is made of an ‘Idiot’ or ‘Pappu’ who is amateur, reluctant, immature and cannot lead. While Dr.Manmohan Singh is believed to be a weak leader who never raised his voice to take tough decisions for the nation. And remained silent to please Gandhi family and Congress. The one who worked only as a puppet or rubber stamp of Sonia Gandhi. The history of Indian Politics has never seen this kind of image-framing by jokes of poor taste and use of derogatory nicknames on political leaders by popular and social media. This kind of political propaganda was never witnessed by India before. This article covers all such controversies related to Rahul Gandhi and Former PM Dr.Manmohan Singh.

As elections are approaching, Mr.Narendra Modi V/s Rahul Gandhi debate is taking rapid fire. While comparing both the leaders, we have an outcome always based on linear thinking

• Mr. Modi is thought to be a strong leader in terms of global politics whereas Rahul Gandhi is seen as someone who does not have the potential diplomacy to make the position of India thrive in Global World and Politics.

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•Mr. Modi has the charm and ability to connect the crowd. And always talks sensibly with eloquence. But the Public has a completely different image of Rahul Gandhi. People generally think that Rahul Gandhi lacks potential communication skills and gives laughter. His speeches are always thought to be hilarious and stupid.

•Narendra Modi is favored for being a typical native Indian common man while people don’t accept Rahul Gandhi as PM, arguing that he has foreign blood in his veins.

Mr. Modi rise is portrayed as a self-made politician who hailed from the background of a ‘tea-seller’. He also calls himself a ‘Chowkidar and Fakir’. Rahul Gandhi name is often prefixed by ‘Sahazada’,’Namdar’ or ‘Baba’. His political activism is viewed as the rise of elitism and nepotism.

So, is it really that Rahul Gandhi doesn’t fit in politics? Or is it just that the paid portrayal by media as propaganda? Was he really reluctant to be involved in politics? Rahul Gandhi being from a rich family and being educated could have stayed in business instead of politics. Is he only fulfilling his mother’s wish or is he self-engaged?

Well, telling the son of a shoemaker to only be a shoemaker sounds racist and unjust. So is telling the son of a politician to be a politician. Or telling the son of a rich person to be shahzada. This is all inequitable. It is unjust and racist if a person is believed to behave in a way to commensurate with the conventionally defined characteristics of his particular background. We should never portray a person’s image based on his background even if it good or bad. That thing kills self-made identity of the person. That is the reason he is seen being intolerant and offended when being called as ‘Shahzada’ or ‘Baba’.

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The persona of Rahul Gandhi has already been created as stupid or ‘Pappu’ by popular media and is readily accepted by most people. In spite of being humiliated and trolled heavily by social media, he is unstoppable. He himself acknowledges his failure to establish his image as a strong leader. As he himself said that I can be Pappu for you to BJP during Parliament Session. Then he made a statement: But I don’t have a little bit of hatred or intolerance for your behavior towards me. Stating that he acknowledges his own identity as more of a mature person.

Another thing that he can be trusted upon is his promises. It is well known that he made only those promises in public which he could fulfill. He never ventured to make false promises for political gains. Before making any promises in public, he first seeks for advice and knowledge on the outcome of its implementation. His one such good to go, adviser, is Former Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh.

From Shahzada to a more Involved Politician

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From a man being joked as ‘Chota Bheem’ and thought of being spoon-fed by his mother to a man as a strong leader for opposition parties, he has proved himself now to be fit in politics. Emerging as the strongest leader to attack the government’s policy failures and scams he has also raised main social issues like farmers dreadful conditions in India, Islamophobia, casteism, misogyny etc. He is also well known for his advocacy of gender equality and women-power. Making his image in Public as of a secular, socialist, liberal and open-minded leader he is now being known as the political activist for ’poor, minority and deprived sections’ of society even after being called as ‘Shahzada’ for being born-rich and privileged. On the contrary, he blames Mr.Modi for being a government for rich industrialist, businessmen and backdoor support of big corporations and upper caste Hindus at the cost of neglecting interests of the poor, minority and lower caste. He has also coined the popular slogan of ‘ Chowkidar Chor Hai’. To convince the people that the government is looting poor and middle-class families to fill the pockets of Big industrialist like Ambani and to appease RSS. He also came into the news with his sharp attacks on PM over corruption and scam on ‘Rafale Deal’.

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Rahul Gandhi had given a very controversial comment in 2013. He had stated that the ordinance proposed by the Congress itself to save the convicted legislators from disqualification as a ‘Complete Nonsense’. After which many Congress leaders changed their tones, endorsing Rahul Gandhi’s statement over Former PM Dr.Singh’s decision. This conveyed the message of Rahul’s ascendancy in Congress.

But it gave the opposition a huge chance to criticize the Congress Party for internal Politics Play. And questioning the Former PM Dr.Manmohan Singh’s authority on the Congress. Dr.Singh was also asked for resignation from the opposition. The opposition alleged Rahul to have played a dramatic move for political gains. This act raised the question of Rahul as either an amateur or manipulative political leader. The film made on Congress Internal politics ‘The Accidental P.M’ has perfectly done well to admonish the image of Rahul Gandhi using this kind of incidences. The film is, of course, propaganda in the air amidst election time. But these mistakes of Rahul Gandhi are the reasons why such kind of Films could have been made. The movie portrays him as Kaurava of Mahabharata whereas Dr.Manmohan Singh is portrayed as Bhishma – a good-hearted old man who engaged himself into injustice because of family drama and politics.

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But is it true? Was Dr.Manmohan Singh became silent only after becoming PM? Do Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi really controlled him and his actions? The surprising thing was that nobody ever questioned or discussed former PM habit of talking less. Even the media had never been engaged in mannerism of Dr.Singh earlier.

Dr.Manmohan Singh: Rubber Stamp of Congress?

The portrayal of Dr.Singh as Silent PM who was not fit for achieving a position in global politics is a media myth. In fact, choosing Dr.Manmohan Singh as their Prime Minister Candidate was the best decision by Congress Party. Dr.Manmohan Singh was never a politician but he was academia, the great economist and a good administrator. A Prime Minister is never a politician in fact. After all, Prime Minister duty is to work for the nation. Whereas a Politician is the one who can propagate his own political ideologies of governance in such a way that people do follow it. Well, many people blamed him that he let himself be used, working for Party Loyalty than for the nation. Well, that is not the truth.

Secondly, he was never a silent person. He talked only when it was required. He talked only when the matter concerned nation. And not merely to tell people about his and Congress Achievement. Or to defame opposition party and leaders. He never played Blame Games and never put allegations on other leaders. Former PMO had given 1,198 speeches over the last 10 years. The Times of India had published that Dr.Singh has given,1 speech in every 3 days during the last 10 years as PM. Most of the PM’s speeches were on the issue of economy, development, science and, education. He has a reputed image of an effective speaker during his foreign visits. Forbes Magazine had put his name in the list of 20 most powerful people in the world!

On the occasion of 134th anniversary of Congress, Rahul and Dr.Singh were seen cutting cake jointly. It looked like more of blossomed son-father relationship. It contradicted the projection of Dr.Singh as merely a rubber stamp of Congress in the controversial film of Mr.Baru. It gave the message that Rahul Gandhi has immense regard for Dr.Manmohan Singh.

Sonia Gandhi also never made any attempts to use Dr.Manmohan Singh as merely a rubber stamp in Party. She always had a dignified behavior towards Dr.Singh. She used to leave the room when Dr.Singh had left. This shows her respect for Dr. Singh.

Rahul Gandhi also has a special place and status for Dr.Singh. Before making Farm Loan Waiver Promises for recent Assembly elections, he had met the Former PM to get the economics of it. This incidence also shows the presence of huge mutual trust. He also has his inputs of attacking PM over economic policies like demonetization and GST from the knowledge of the economist Dr.Singh .

Apart from these controversies that people know and are heavily debated. There are two controversies that most people don’t know. Rahul Gandhi was alleged of Gangraping a girl and has also lived a secret life in one part of his life. Media had published a very little about these two controversies.

Rahul Gandhi: Gangrape Controversy

Rahul Gandhi was alleged of gangraping the daughter of local Congress worker of Amethi- Sukanya Devi. This incident took place in the year 2006. But media was advised not to cover the news. So, only a few people know about this case. According to Sukanya Devi, she was the staunch supporter of the Nehru family. She went as an uninvited guest at V.I.P Guest House of Mr.Gandhi to meet him. But he gang raped her with his 7 friends, four of whom were foreigners. She also filed a case but only 2 or 3 media journalist had exposed the case whereas others remained silent. She also went to the Human Right Commission to seek justice. After which she went mysteriously missing with her whole family, abandoning their house in Amethi. The case was dismissed by the court due to lack of evidence against Mr.Gandhi and vague statement of Sukanya on the case. The case was seen as a political game to defame the image of Rahul Gandhi. But media haven’t published the story at a wide scale even before the case was not dismissed. The strange thing about the case was getting mysteriously missing of Sukanya Devi and Media not publishing the story in such a way that it could reach maximum people.

Rahul Gandhi Secret Life

After the subsequent assassination of members of Nehru Family, both Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were homeschooled because of the fear of life threat. He had attended Rollins College and completed his B.A from there. But he used Raul Vinci as a pseudonym. His real identity was known only to certain university officials and security agencies. The reason was that Rahul Gandhi wanted to build his own identity. Some people also claimed the use of Raul Vinci as a pseudonym by Rahul Gandhi was because he wanted an escape from his bitter past. And he wanted to live a normal life and develop his experience as a normal student. He is also said to have trust issues with others and did not wanted to engage more in politics and with people. His life has been fun of mysteries and controversies. Now, he is well engaged in politics and with people.

Rahul Gandhi may not have experienced poverty firsthand. But his compassion to prior work for the poor and plight of farmers is undoubtedly appreciable. Wealth does not mean that one will not have to struggle for success. Luxury lifestyle and fame can sometimes be troublesome. High status may not always be desirable. But something that impressionable about Rahul Gandhi is his endurance of Persistence in spite of his image-shaming and being called with derogatory nicknames at a very broad level in the nation. Rahul Gandhi had started as leader been trolled heavily and taken lightly. But now his image has completely changed. And his achievements are excellent. In spite of the propaganda and heavy use of media institutions by the opposition and high soaring oratory speeches of Mr.Modi. He was able to defeat BJP in 3 states in recent elections. There could be other sides of a thing that you might be ignoring. That’s, why one needs to see things from a different perspective before making judgments. The election 2019 is still special as it now presents voters with two powerful alternatives for voting. And two models of development to choose from unlikely previous few years. Hope! we got the most deserving PM in election 2019 without falling for any political propaganda.


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