“Attachments are only good for emails”


    Quite not long ago life has taught me the art of detachment. Life showed me some intimations that nothing and no one is going to abide with us forever. While it is good to be socially involved with everyone, you clearly have to be very vigilant on not being attached to them. It is said that you can achieve the greatest heights only through detaching yourself from the things that matter to you to a certain extent and by taking a step back.

    With attachment comes the expectations and if not fulfilled, can hurt you badly.

    “Attachment is the falsification; the actual thing can be obtained only by you if you are detached. ”


    There had been a time when I was an extremely loving person and used to care about every short thing in my life which was insignificant. For instance-

    1. My friends, their problems, their hardships and helping them in their grievances but when I needed them, they didn’t stand by my side.
    2. Expecting my own people to appreciate me when I did something for them.
    3. Hoping my best friends to take care of me when I used to be low.
    4. Expecting my closed ones not to leave me in my bad times.
    Attachement= Illusion

    It’s heartbreaking when they deceive you!

    While keeping your people close to you is good but expecting them to stay even when they want to leave brings only sadness. If you want happiness to knock your door- Allow others to be who they are and allow you to be who you are. Do not lose your equilibrium when they go.

    Enjoy their company but at the same time be open to the possibility of losing them. Anyone can leave anytime according to their perceptions and their interests and it is not necessary that they would behave in the same manner with you as you’re expecting them to. Sometimes, You want your feelings to correspond with theirs, but it is certainly not practical. Stop being angry on them for why they left you, they might have their own reasons, just forgive them and do not wait for them to realize, if you’re waiting, I’m sorry my friend- You’re still attached.


    Taking up an example of having lost your near ones or a family member suddenly. Yes, this for sure is heartbreaking and it’s safe to say that moving on is tough in this case. Why can’t we be practical and detach ourselves from those feelings and rather work on ourselves, our goals and in being busy so that those thoughts do not override our goals? Do something you enjoy, you love and you’re interested in, rather than locking yourself up in the boundaries created by our society. Use your energy on something productive rather than crying the whole day long for what has happened and cannot be altered.


    1. Travel solo- As detachment is closely related to freedom and attachment leads to sufferings, Plan a trip to a peaceful place alone where you can discover yourself, meet new people. You’re beautiful and you do not have to wait for them to tell you this. Carry this confidence daily.

    Keep them close while open to the possibility of losing them anytime.

    2. Self-love- Go for coffee dates with yourself, buy your favourite clothes, eat in your favourite restaurants and discover your strengths, work on them more and feel that you are your own boss, you are accountable for your own health and happiness.

    3. Do not share your plans with them- If you share, you’ll be attached to them for the help you need to execute the plan, this brings more dependence.

    4. Never Procrastinate- Start working from today. You came alone in this world and people are not going to be there with you forever, each day, each week, each month, each year- new people would be adding up in your life while the old ones subtracting from your life. Don’t rely on them to start, start your projects now, be accountable for your decisions and prove it to yourself that you made the best use of your time and life. This brings a lot of satisfaction 

    NUTSHELL- Let them go and don’t fall prey to small attachments, you’ve something big waiting for you. You just need to become aware of what has been useful in the journey you’ve just taken and understand that experiences in life can only make you succeed in future.

    “The root of all sufferings is Attachment”- The Buddha


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