“Lungs are the organs that take care of the exchange of gases in our body, thereby making breathing for us possible. You for sure would not have been alive with your lungs not functioning properly as lungs help you to take air in and transmit it to your whole body for the purpose of carrying out their normal functions for which oxygen supply is needed.”

There are a lot of other functions of lungs too that indeed are as important as breathing.

  • 1.Maintenance of ph balance of the body.
  • 2.Filtering of blood clots.
  • 3.Protection of heart against the shock.
  • 4.Protection of the body from infections.

Even after knowing about such vital uses of lungs, who wouldn’t want to take care of their overall functioning?

Furthermore, accumulation of secretions/mucus/ chest congestion can lead to infection and lung scarring later on which is absolutely not what you want. We might have difficulty getting rid of the phlegm(thick secretions) on a daily basis and these are the methods which might help you to clear your chest regularly.

  1. DRINK THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF FLUIDS-You can add juices to your diet but if you are surviving on caffeinated, fizzy drinks then you’ll not be well hydrated as these might enhance the production of those tenacious secretions. Dehydration is definitely what you do not want to develop as it may make your phlegm thicker and sticky, therefore 8 glasses of water a day are recommended to make your phlegm much more lucid and thinner. Best time to take this fluid be morning and afternoon as you do not want to keep going to the loo if you take it at night.
  2. DEEP BREATHING EXERCISE -thrice per set- Sit straight -> Relax shoulders-> Deep breath in-> Hold for 5seconds-> Relax it out ( taking more time than you took while taking air in). This encourages those secretions to move to clear your chest.
  3. HUFF-(thrice per set) Take a deep breath in and take it out by opening your mouth with a force that is a fast breath out.
  4. COUGHING– is a reflex needed to get the secretions out of your chest, but optimum coughing is required as too much coughing can work against you.

–>These exercises should preferably be done before meals and never after the meals with the frequency of thrice a day with 3 sets in a systemic and step by step manner.

–>Warning- Do not over do these exercises and consult your Physiotherapist if you have any chronic lung condition like-Asthma, Pneumonia etc before following these tips.

–>Stay away from smoking and caffeinated drinks as much as possible to avoid any harm to your lungs and thereby avoiding build-up of sticky secretions.

“Take care of your body, and exercise optimally as it is the celebration of what your body is capable of doing”


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