Stress and mental health


Stress is something so common these days, impacting all of our lives to a great extent. Problems have been there since time immemorial. There was a time when man didn’t even have the knowledge of fire, clothing and such basic stuff. This is the time where we have everything available to us within the reach of our fingertips. However, that was the time people also knew how to deal with problems, the ways to figure out solutions. Today, even with the advancement in technology, quick service etc., we always find ourselves in an uneasy situation, stressing about something or the other.

It’s not just the teenagers, but the kids, adults and the older generation. Everyone is stressing about something, freaking out like it’s the end of this world. I think somewhere this trend of ‘everything being served on our plates’ is the major cause of this problem. A lot of us engage ourselves with shopping online, ordering food online, even grocery. We use e-commerce for our transactions. We are always in the hurry of missing a train, flight or even a lecture.

Conventional or unconventional?

It is sort of funny how we abandon the conventional ways of doing things when newer options are available. Using new technologies is not wrong, just that some things are meant to be done in a more conventional way. For instance, dinner should be done like a dinner, keeping mobile phones aside, having a nice conversation and not with everyone on the table busy in their own world or a handwritten message is always more heart-touching than a message sent via WhatsApp. Somethings are meant to bring you peace of mind. Even the WhatsApp message is meant to make you smile, but the smile on your face that results from the effort put in the handwritten message relieves stress, makes your day so many times better.


We are so engrossed in our lives, busy from morning to night that we ignore the other equally important things. Family time, healthcare are some things which should not be taken for granted. They are supposed to be taken care of. Family time earlier allowed people to talk about their day and that gave them a vent for their emotions. However, now we just don’t have time. Being busy is not bad but be busy after you’ve done the more important things. Work is important but mental health is extremely important.

Physical health v/s mental health-

We take medicines or visit a doctor when we feel sick. However, when we feel stressed we ignore it; suppress those feelings pushing the break down point away until we cannot do it anymore. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Stress is a major contributing factor.

All of us have the power to control our mind. Most of us aren’t aware of this and even if we are, we find it difficult. There are professionals out there who can help, but we hesitate to take help. We are fine visiting a doctor, but visiting a counsellor or a psychologist causes more stress. We think twice, are always in a state of doubt. This is because of an unsaid stigma created by society. It is paramount that we realise we are in power. We can control our mind, stop ourselves from stressing over small things, and remind ourselves from time to time to be in control of our thoughts and it will surely bring peace, eliminating stress gradually.


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