SQL Server Database Administrator

DROP ROLE – walk you through the steps of removing a role from the current database. CREATE ROLE – show you how to add a new role to the current database.

  • This also included participation in project based work on a group level.
  • Create jobs, SQL Mail, Alerts and Schedule SSIS Packages using SQL Server Agent and Report abnormal discrepancies to the Database Manager.
  • There are no prerequisites other than a passion for learning and the desire to succeed.
  • Install, configure, upgrade, and maintain database instances.
  • Developed DTS Packages to transfer the data between SQL Server database and files.
  • Controlled and monitored user access to the database, backed up and recovered the database, maintained system security and monitored/optimized database performance for Data warehouse and OLTP applications.

Before reading your blog , i didn’t even knew you existed because i never read about DB or SQL before. But after all the replies above, i realized this is one of the best website/community i have come across where you actually get reply to your questions. Elaine, I know that when starting out with something new it what is sql dba can certainly feel like you are on your own but I guarantee you that is not the case. Look at all the comments prior to yours and you will see people aspiring to learn, grow and try something new just like you. We all started out at the beginning at one time or another and the community is here to support you.

Can we get how much space is needed in the tempdb database to run DBCC CHECKDB without running its actual execution?

My post Jump Start Your SQL Server Learning Today looks at this directly. The post series I mentioned previously also has a number of ideas/suggestions in this area too. Introduced in SQL Server 2008 Transparent Data Encryption is a mechanism through which you can protect the SQL Server Database files from unauthorized access through encryption. Also, TDE can protect the database backups of the instance on which TDE was set up.

  • But I am old enough to have had the MCSD and for it to have lapsed due to too many new versions of Visual Studio & SQL Server!
  • Interestingly enough I actually had some of my first experience as a Data Professional working with GIS technology, for a company called CACI.
  • Performed day to day DBA activities such as monitoring SQL Server health, job status, addressing user requirements.
  • Scripted, scheduled, and monitored different types of database backups and refreshes in use, including streaming backups and use of LUN mounts in SnapManager.
  • Or use easy-to-remember names for your docker containers?

If you use SQL, someone on the team should be a dbatools pro. Merge Replication does not use a queue reader agent so there is no functionality of queue reader agent in Merge replication. I agree to receive marketing communication from Idera for product updates, sales services, promotions, news, and events.

Does the job assistance program guarantee me a Job?

This program helped me gain the right skills to make a career switch from a consultant to a Senior Software Engineer. The knowledge of Hadoop and the right tools was the main reason for my transition. In this Microsoft SQL Server DBA certification course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the functions that can be performed by a Database Administrator using Microsoft SQL Server. The hands-on exercises will prepare you for real-time scenarios that resonate in the professional SQL landscape. Here are some additional sample SQL server DBA interview questions that you can practice before your tech interview.

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