The spelling bee is a spelling competition that is held every year. The competition is held for students in which contestants have to spell a word with degrees of difficulty. Various countries hold spelling bee competitions at both the national and local level. Mainly, spelling bees are held in the English language as it contains much irregular spelling of the same word, all the spellings of a word are correct. Whereas other languages have the regular spelling of a word. So, the spelling bees of other languages are not regularly held.

There is also an international spelling bee contest where students from different countries take part to win the title. These contests are held between the countries of the same continent and internally.  MARRS Spelling Bee holds the contest in Asia. Different countries of the continent take part in the contest. The competition includes the correct spelling of a word. The words are used in multiple contexts depending on the sentence. The annual Asian spelling cup competition is also held every year in different countries in Asia.

Spelling bee

In India, India spelling bee competition is held every year for students across the country.

Similarly, other countries hold spelling bee competitions at their level.

One of the most famous competition is the  Scripps National Spelling Bee competition. This was first held in 1925 at Washington, D.C. Frank Neuhauser was the winner of this competition. The competition is held every year in the United States. Not only the children of the United States but children from other countries like India, Canada, The Bahamas, Ghana, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and the people’s republic of China enthusiastically represent themselves. There are certain rules in the competition like the age of the participant should not be over 14 years as of 1 August and he should not be past the eighth grade as of 1 February. Previous year’s winners cannot take part in the competition. The winner of the competition receives the award money of $50,000, a trophy from Scripps and other prizes. The 1st runner up gets prize money of $25,000.

Spelling bee

In 2019, Scripps held its 92nd competition in  Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland during May 26 – May 31, 2019. May 26- May 31 is also called the Bee week. Every year Scripps publishes World of the Champions, an annual study booklet which helps in preparing for the competition. The book contains three parts, separated into beginner, intermediate and expert. The book contains about 3,000 words. The competitors who are taking part in the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition often refer to foreign languages from which English words are drawn. This is truly a tough competition and a thorough and regular study of spellings is the basic requirement to pass the competition. Before entering the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition, participants have to clear various rounds from school level then regional level. Then, at the national level participants have to clear many rounds to clear the competition.

Scripps national spelling bee competition is a tough one. Participants have to prepare months before entering into the contest. In the upcoming Scripps national spelling bee contest, I wish luck to all the participants and hope they will do their best.


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