Society: Creator or Destroyer


Bed sheets crumbled, unscrambled pillow and the walls narrating their own stories every day. A girl crouching on her bed full of thoughts, memories, people, lines, songs and all that stuff that can bother her than anything else. Society framed her to be quiet in her opinion, agree to right and wrong both, the nod to the correct and incorrect both, respect the eldest, youngest and the ugliest. From being to a happy, cheerful, funny and caring soul to the saddest, apathetic and silent body. Ironic, the transition from a person to a body. Life is like an elevator which helps you to climb up towards your objective but contrarily it throws you into a deep dark place where you can’t find yourself.

“She abled to hide pain but that hurts,” murmured to herself. She was now a deeply depressed soul. Life taught her some bad experiences which led her to confine herself to her own space. Maybe she didn’t want to come out of that darkness, maybe she wanted that the pain hurts her even worst, maybe she wanted to dream bad when she closed her eyes, maybe that crumbled bedsheets loved to hear her stories, maybe the walls narrated the exact same stories which she portrayed to them.

Break the silence

Every night was a shot for her which she tried to booze in but unfortunately, she puked it all. Those dark circles were dark enough to delineate her. She was surrounded by stony-eyed bourgeois who just wanted to unravel the musty smell of the book of her life. Today people are more involved in the lives of other rather than systematizing theirs.

She wanted to be the chirpy bird again, wanted to beautify herself once again, wanted to be the best for herself, she wanted her to travel more and more, she wanted to relish the petrichor after the rain, wanted a peaceful sleep, wanted to be mesmerized by the beautiful lyrics of the songs but…

Stop the speech Of Society

There’s always a but in the story and sometimes these three dots are not limited to three because things, situations, place, persons can be replaced but the mind and the heart, where to shush them, how to empathize it. You can’t completely black out your past from your memories neither run away from it else you can face it boldly, accept it and move forwards forever.

Break The Monotony Of Society

Save Girl Child!! Say No To Dowry!! This is what we hear from the people living around and hence are called “SOCIETY“. True enough to say that if you are not open to people that surround us then you are so formally considered as Introvert or Egoistic and if you are over frank to same people then you are Extrovert or Blunt or Bold. So, what basically here the situation is that the two-faced society holds a strong place because that’s what you are into and tries to frame you and getting rid of it actually holds you strongly even more.

Defeat The Society

I am a sailor of the same ship where I can’t even throw myself out of it and live the hardest of my times. I listen, listen to all of their words but stay quiet because that’s what I have been taught ever since Not To Speak. Girls, women go through a lot ever since they step into this world. They grew up with all their insecurities of staying away from boys to not looking into their eyes because that is what gives them “the signal”, not to step out after 6 pm because it’s the time when the preachers look for their hunt and so many more. I belonged to the family with no burdens or restrictions and my mom always wanted me to put me in the shoes of my elder brother for the same level of comparison. Yet I can feel that sense of underconfidence in her voice.

It’s not a Happy Women’s Day for me!!

I lost the faith in me,
I want to cry out my words,
So hard that the pain I go through,
The same they will.

“Me, not speaking”, is not a sign of fear
It’s just the respect that holds me,
My values held me back,
Not to blab my issues,
Is just because I don’t want to.

This “society” is an irony,
It creates us and even destroy us,
And scratches me to my innermost,
Assuming it doesn’t hurt.

So, What’s happy about today,
When every single day is the same.

This poem is written by me with a sense of hatred towards the people who assume themselves to be superior by throwing comments on us, not accepting us as we are, but use our weakness as the armour to shield themselves. People speak because they want us to be their matter of concern and that’s where we Fail.

Why not “Being Positive”?

Living inside the shell of your own problems is absolutely fine but letting other people break it is not justice to you. You are the creator of yourself, stopping them to speak and letting them speak is totally dependent on you because there are thousand’s of ‘you’ out there who are maybe just waiting for you to speak for them because not everyone allows their conscious to portray themselves. Look for more – “ACCEPTANCE”

shine bright

The Irony about this society is that they hold our back not to support us but to crackle the bones, wanting us to stay strong. Let’s join our hands together and create the words and statements of our own and for our own, and let not the people or the society speak about us. It’s your soul who decides the good of your’s and outshines like a rainbow so as to be loved by all and your beauty of heart will be admired by everyone out there.

“What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Strong”


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