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Does it not make you wonder that how come a land, that for years has worshipped Goddesses is serving an abode to millions of girls suffering from the most heinous crime sexual harassment that mankind has ever witnessed?

Humanity is going through hard times, Every day discovering the most vicious modifications of crimes,

Those little souls who don’t even know what they are going through…
Those little souls who are suffering from extreme pain…
Those little souls who lose not only a part of themselves but lose themselves…
Those little souls who are robbed of their childhood…
Those little souls who are robbed of their lives…
Those little souls who are pushed into a world of darkness…


These monsters that have totally lost the ability of realization…
These monsters that have shamed humanity…
These monsters that have forgotten that Almighty has blessed them with a brain to think and a heart to be kind and not go around collecting their jars of broken souls…
These monsters don’t even feel the culpability of what they are doing…

Well, there are some questions; Questions that people keep ignoring… That either people are too busy to think about, Or too afraid to voice…
How can these perverted monsters escape what they do? Where is Karma and why is it not giving them its best face?
Where is humanity? Have people forgotten what humaneness is?
Is this the end of mankind or is this how our nation will evolve?


Every year a huge population of India celebrates Durga Puja, a festival that shows the divinity of Goddess Durga and how she defeated Mahishasura in the battle to save humanity from his evil ways. Saraswati is known as the Goddess of education, music, art and culture and Saraswati Puja is celebrated to seek knowledge and wisdom. Lakshmi is known as the Goddess of abundance and prosperity and is worshipped for self-purification and to seek happiness and wealth. For centuries many poems have been written to describe the feminine divinity of the myriad of forms of Hindu Goddesses. They are associated with various life-forces, motherliness, beauty, power, fertility and the interminable cycle of life and death. The great river Ganga which is the source of water to the major section of Northern India is called as “Ganga maa” as it gifts life to the residents of these plains and it is believed that bathing in this river helps man wash away his sins. The Earth itself is known as Mother Earth. Nature is attributed to the female principle, called Prakriti. The gates of Jain and Buddhist temples are adorned by sculptures of smiling female Goddesses in all their glory and divinity. India has always dignified women and never failed to respect women.  


The current scenario is quite startling and mocks the people for the differences between their deeds and the culture they belong to. It is a shame as to how the place which has always dignified women is bringing them disgrace. It is extremely unfortunate that the same land where people call earth and rivers as mothers, someone’s mother, daughter, sister or wife is getting raped every hour. According to an article in Times of India, two minor girls are raped every hour in India. According to National Crime Reports Bureau (NCRB), there has been an increment of 82 per cent from 2015 to 2016 in the rape cases reported against children.


The gender-biased aspect of our society is highlighted by the questions raised on the women who are raped, who have been the victim of abuse or harassment about their attire. They are asked if they made the first advances or if they were acting seductive and wanted the attention. It is a commonly heard statement that “she was asking for it” and that is something she never even said and yet is accused of. She did say no to the advances that were made on her and that went unheard.

All this starts with the way girls and boys are socialised in our country. From the very start, girls are taught to be sensitive and to do domestic work whereas boys are left to do whatever they wish to. Unfortunately, no family orally tells the boy at a young age that he should respect girls and see them the same way that he wants others to see his mother and sister. 

Such prevalence of ignorance in the sex-education of younger generations is unfortunate. Is it not ridiculous how the victim is questioned for the sin of the evil-doer? Freda Adler, an educator and criminologist said that “rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused.”


rape statistics in India

sexual harassment

  • The Nirbhaya rape case of 2012 has put the entire country into contemplation about the abode it is providing to its daughter by getting coverage nationally and internationally. A 23-year-old girl was travelling with her friend and was raped by six men on the bus including the driver and her friend was beaten. This case highlights the years of struggle that women have been going through in this country and screams the voice of the daughters of this nation to end the rape culture which has become immensely prevalent in India and is increasing day by day.

When will this struggle end? When will the rape culture end in India? What will be the future of the girls of India?

  • One of the most heart-wrenching cases is that of Kathua in January 2018, where an eight-year-old girl who belonged to the community of Muslim Bakerwals was brutally gang-raped by men in a temple for days to chase away the members of that community. It had been revealed by the post-mortem that the girl was assaulted sexually and had died due to asphyxiation.

Isn’t India supposed to be the most religious country, a melting pot of various religions and culture? Can someone enlighten me about this religion that people have started following because this country was not at all aware that religion would someday come to see this fate? India has faced difficulties and has seen inter-religion conflicts but the inclusion of women and little girls in the conflicts of two religions has failed the most basic virtue that every religion preaches and that is respecting women.

  • In May 2017, a 10-year-old girl was raped and threatened by her step-father and was found pregnant. She was just a 10-year-old girl and would not have even realised what exactly was happening to her at the time she was being raped by her own step-father and suffering extreme pain and mortification.
sexual harassment  - thefrend

How are the girls supposed to feel safe even in the confines of their own house, let alone on the streets in the current times? Who is she supposed to trust with such cases coming in light? This is just one example of the insecure environment in which girls and women are living today. There are thousands of such cases where family members including grandparents, uncles and relatives are sexually abusing and assaulting girls.

  • Another case that is hard to imagine is that of a 21-month-old baby girl being raped by a man from her neighbourhood. On finding out that the baby was alone, this 40-year-old man took the opportunity and raped her for hours leaving the baby girl in a critical condition.

21 months old – it would not be enough to call it an act of cruelty, it is demonic inhumane. The trust between people is put at stake. People would consider and reconsider leaving their babies with their relatives, let alone at daycare centres and schools. This case has shaken the foundations of the society wherein people live together in harmony. Who are we supposed to trust?

The question that every citizen of India should take the responsibility of answering is “Why are the people of this mother Earth forgetting that they were born by a lady just like the ones they are busy molesting and destroying the lives of?”

“Are sexual urges of perverted men so difficult to control that putting the life of someone at stake does not even come into consideration of these people?”

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sexual harassment at the workplace


Just raising these questions is not enough; we need to find solutions to this issue that would change the increasing statistics of sexual crimes in the country. It is the need of hour to provide a safe abode to the girls and women of our country.

Reese Witherspoon, an American actress, entrepreneur and producer said that “there remains what seems like an impenetrable wall of silence around violence and we must all play a role in breaking this silence.” Truer words haven’t been spoken as this statement of hers calls the entire country to break their vows of silence and instead act on freeing the world from the clutches of the evil. Everyone here is blaming and questioning the perpetrators but even the observers of the crime fail to help. It is not just a bystander effect. Sadly, It is the diminishing humanity which is clearly visible in the contemporary world.

sexual harassment  - thefrend

No woman asks to be raped. A few months old certainly won’t. She was wearing a mini skirt and so she was raped, then what about the one who was wearing a sari, suit, burkha?  She was a baby, an adolescent, a teenager, a woman, an old lady and it did not matter because she was an object that would have satisfied his needs. Her identity was reduced to that of an object to fulfil his vicious desires. She was not human anymore. She became a lifelong prisoner to the lust of men.

sexual harassment in hindi – यौन उत्पीड़न

at the end I want to request please stop sexual harassment, please save girl child, please stop rape.

Why sexual harassment?

why rape are happenings?

why girls are not secure?

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  1. This is sooo heartttt wrenchinggg…..
    Almost took my breath away…it is soo true that we need more awareness and more humanity in our culture…
    The introductory lines are so powerful….

  2. The content is informative.I really liked the way that you not only just list down the problems but also suggested solutions.

  3. Very nice flow of feeling showing the reality and cruelty of today…. how the girls are facing problem, how they have to fight for their self respect

  4. Indeed thoughtful..
    Very often we ask these questions to ourselves and also there hv been and even now dialogues related to these pertinent questions.
    Well written and hoping for gender just society where everyone lives happily

  5. Excellent work❤ well written and surely needed for the evil society to change their minds and for women to speak up their sufferings! Keep inspiring! 🙂

  6. It is a very well-written piece. Very thought-provoking. If everyone becomes aware of these facts, there will be no women-related crimes in the world


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