Is Game of Thrones really back? Who has the Iron Throne now? Is my favorite character still alive? What about Cersei, has she finally succumbed to death? Is Bran really the ‘three eyed raven’? Does Jon snow know who his real parents are? And did that dragon really turn into a white walker? Wait what was its name again? Oh, and most importantly, did Jon really bend the knee?



April 14th 2019 has to be one of the most awaited day in the history of any fandom out there. After a long and particularly agonizing wait (Jon and Daenerys, we’re looking at you) of two years, Game of Thrones fans and enthusiasts all around the globe got to see the first glimpse of the final quest to defeat the Night King and get “The Iron Throne”.

: House of Stark
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However, two years is an eternity on its own and considering the massive number of characters and story lines running in the story right now, it won’t be your fault if you’ve gotten some (or all) of the plot lines mixed up. But fear not my sweet summer child, we are right here to remind you of all the deaths and sexual rampage we witnessed in the past seven seasons.


If you have followed Game of Thrones so far, then you must be aware that R.R Martin is quite fond of killing off almost all (thank god for small miracles) fan favorite characters, that too in a rather gruesome manner. Even though we can’t mention every dead character (the article would never see an end), we have listed out the death of most important ones. 


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Our alcohol loving-jolly King Robert Baratheon was the first one to bite the dust, which led to the shocking beheading of Ned Stark, changing the fate of The House of Stark altogether. This was followed shortly by the painful demise of our beloved Dothraki Warlord Khal Drogo but not before he poured molten gold all over his brother in law’s head and killed him in the process (good riddance, that one). 

Renly Baratheon died at the hands of black magic orchestrated by his own elder brother Stannis Baratheon who also dies eventually. But the most shocking of all was The Red Wedding that had us all bawling by the end of the episode. The Ex-King of the North Robb Stark met his end along with his pregnant wife Talisa Stark and The Lady of Winterfell Catelyn Stark. They were later joined by the youngest of the pack, Rickon Stark.  



  1. A complete recap of what is the best show in the world. Such an amazing writing and describing skills. Writer has some real talent. Seems like she has been writing all her life.


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