Pulwama : Highway turns Deathbed


    The Deadliest Attack of Pulwama

    Around a month or so it is from today, our entire nation drowned in grief. The national highway of Pulwama District went crimson with the blood of round 40 Central Reserve Police Force personnel and other injured jawans. One of the most heinous and heart-wrenching attack in history, pushed inhumanity to the brim. Investigations later revealed that the blast, on the fifth bus of the convoy, moving from Srinagar to Kashmir ,was carried out by a suicide-bomber, hailing from the terrorist organisation,Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM). This was not the first time that terrorist organisations had targeted India and tried to rock the very existence of peace in our country. Yet again innocent lives of our brave ones were thrown to smithereens.

    IAF: India Fights Back

    The country was drenched in melancholy after such a terrible attack but gone is the time when India was a nation only to shed tears.The time has passed when it anticipated all repercussions on it’s domestic and international fronts and remained anxious of another attack to toss innocent lives to death. Waking up from the lugubrious state, after 200 hours of intense planning, India executed an air-strike, 4 out of 12 IAF Mirage-2000 fighter jets bombed Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM)’s training camp in Balakot. It was the second time, as claimed by the current ruling political party, that a successful air-strike was executed and this time IAF went in for “clinical precision” and only selective targets were thrashed down.The non-militants in adjacent areas were avoided from collateral damage as much possible. The country had avenged the death of it’s CRPF jawans. The new India might not have started the war but it definitely knows how to put a stop to it.

    Condemning: Cross-Political Thrashes

    All Indians, irrespective of any political or social group has condemned the ghastly attack since day one and each soul has payed condolences to the martyr’s families. The whole nation has sworn that Indians will stand united in solidarity and fight back to terrorism. After some initial pats on the back due to the air-strike in Balakot, innumerable associations and political parties started questioning the very truth behind the whole operation and the death of two main terror brains of Kamran and Rashid of Jaish-e-Mohammad(JeM). People have been commenting how the present Prime Minister may be falsely claiming the execution of a successful air-strike with the elections around the corner, although residents of Balakot have given statements in favour of the air-strike taking place on early dawn of 26th February 2019. Not one or a few but thousands of trolls have come along time and again since that day accusing the present ruling political party. But we cannot comment on the truth.

    Retaliate with War

    On one hand, where a dirty political game has been shaping up on the front, there on the other hand the civilians of India have created a war cry all over. There are innumerable individuals demanding a war to be declared on the forever hostile state of Pakistan. Social medias starting from Facebook to Twitter have been lately flooded by such provocative posts that probably the ruling political party is afraid to have a head-on collision, militarily. The opposition political parties have fueled this particular thread of controversy immensely.They did so because not only their competitions status gets harmed this way but the general mob will also start losing trust in the ruling party.Thus there will be a drastic change in political situations before the upcoming elections.

    Is Eye for an Eye, the solution?

    The rage contained within is justified but provoking a nation to go to war with a hostile nation like Pakistan is extremely novice. War is never a method of counter-terrorism. The non-military individuals and civilians of a country have nothing to do with such a tensed situation and a war at large can only disrupt their lives. A ton of innocents will again lose to International tensions . They never get an answer to what they had done in order to deserve such a painful death and see their lives to be torn to congeries. In-order to punish a handful of inhuman souls, million others’ lives can never be put on stake. People, who today are demanding war as a lesson for Pakistan for harboring terrorists, should see the nimiety of damage it will cause to a nation as a whole.

    Peace should be the cry and not theWar

    The countrymen should come together and vow to form the counter-terrorism front stronger than ever. It should convince the whole world how Pakistan still remains to be one of the states which not only gives birth to terrorism but also fosters it largely. The rest of the countries should come together to retaliate a state like this and not succumb to it’s own selfish political interests. Attacks like the one in Pulwama District should knock the heart of every man on Earth and feel how unrequited end to life can leave the family of the deceased to pieces and empathize with the deep pain cracking up their souls. Hence provoking the state for war is easy but understanding the end results in retrospection, is a tough game.

    Propagation of the Idea

    The youth of the nation, the building blocks, should make the rest country aware of the humongous danger a war proposes on a country and be in the lead to propagate the idea of peace. India should achieve revenge through a sheer diplomatic propaganda as well. Guns and loss of lives cannot always put the last pin on the coffin.


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