Protein, presence of an adequate amount of protein in the human body contributes a lot in maintaining immunity. If you are taking protein treatment in appropriate quantity, then not only you will remain refreshed but the overall health will also get a major boost.

Some people carelessly don’t care about the appropriate amount of protein intake in their diet, which in the longer run, can starve the body of natural stock of protein. In this blog post, I have given a few tips on not only on how you can give protein treatment to your skin and hair but will also mention the symptoms of lack of sufficient protein in your body.

Protein Treatment

Protein Treatment for Hair Care:

If you are suffering from constant hair fall, protein treatment will provide you with immediate relief. Actually, the main reason for hair fall is the lack of protein in the body. Getting an adequate amount of protein will not only make your skin healthy but will also stimulate hair growth, thereby making them strong.

Protein serves the dual objectives of providing adequate moisture to the hair and also making your hair soft, supple and lustrous. A large part of protein’s chemical composition includes amino acid and lack of amino acid in the body, then hair is not able to produce a fibre which in turn weakens them and cause their fall.

Causes of Hair Breakage:

Hair is exposed to daily pollution, normal wear and tear that they get by exposure to wind, sunlight and dust. The hair breakage sometimes increases above the normal level when coloured with artificial hair dyes, hair straightening chemicals, etc. All such artificial hair care treatments make your hair more prone to breakage, thereby draining all the natural suppleness of your hair.

protein treatment for hair fall

In today’s world of technological advancement made in the health sector. It is because of this, tremendous progress has also been made in the field of Haircare too. Protein Treatment has been specially created to offer an optimal solution for depleting health of your hair.

Appropriate protein treatment for Hair makes cuticle replete with the appropriate quantity of hair protein. However, be conscious of the fact that you don’t get over-excited with your effort in getting protein treatment for your hair as little more than everything is always considered harmful.

Never fall into the trap of big cosmetic companies who sometimes to maximize their profit margins, tries to fool people. As a customer, just don’t grab everything on offer. Do an adequate amount of search before choosing the best protein treatment.

Protein Treatment controls Hair Fall

For keeping hair healthy, one needs to take protein treatment including protein-rich food products in the dietary plan. Remember, protein affects the condition of your nails.

Symptoms of Protein-Deficiency in the Body:

1. Lack of a sufficient amount of protein in the body will make your nails weaker and cause them to break easily. It will even slow down the proper growth of the nails.

2. Hair starts getting thin due to deficiency of protein and also may lose the luster, thereby giving a dull appearance.

3. Protein is extremely essential for skin. That is why it is advisable to regularly have an intake of protein in your diet. Include fish, eggs, milk, curd, cheese, soybean, pulses and white meat in your food plan. The balanced amount of each food items will provide an adequate amount of protein to your body.

4. People suffering from protein feels tired and exhausted all the time and is not able to concentrate fully on their daily set of routine.

Protein Treatment Hair Masks:

You can make use of available protein products in your kitchen to make protein treatment for hair. Below, few hair masks have been mentioned which can be made and applied without any hassle. Protein hair mask made up of mayonnaise and avocado are very good for hair.

Mayonnaise includes Vitamin A, Vitamin D and cobalamin which makes hair overall strong. Mayonnaise is made up of oil and egg yolk, that is why it works as a better hair moisturizer.

Avocado provides humidity to hair which in turn lessens hair fall. For making mayonnaise and avocado hair mask, take 2 tbsp of mayonnaise and half grated avocado. Mix both the products and swirl them in a bowl till the time, they turn into a creamy paste. Now, apply this conditioner from hair roots till side of the hair. You can apply it once in a week, the result of which will be visible within 21 days.

Mayonnaise Protein Treatment
Mayonnaise Protein Treatment

Mask of Banana, Honey & Coconut oil: Take 2 bananas and grind them into a paste. Put 2 tsp honey and 1 tsp coconut oil. Grind the entire mixture in a mixing jar for 10-15 seconds. Afterward, add a little bit of water in it. With the help of a brush, comb or your hand, apply the mask directly on hair roots. After thirty minutes, massage the scalp gradually, thereby washing it with lukewarm water.

Usage of Curd in Skin & Hair Care:

Curd has multiple essential vitamins, minerals, and protein. Besides this, it also contains lactic acid which functions very well in make roots of hair very strong. By applying curd hair mask 2-3 times, the hair fall will reduce drastically.

For beneficial hair conditioning, apply a mixture of egg and curd onto hair as well as a scalp for at least 20 minutes after which you can rise it with a suitable shampoo. Use it for at least once a week.

An egg is an extremely magical remedy for most of your skin and hair related problems as it is a very rich source of keratin which reconstructs the dull and damaged hair and makes it smooth and fully moisturized. To prepare Egg Hair mask, take 1 to 2 eggs, mix them up with 2 tbsp of olive oil after breaking them. Mix them well in a bowl and apply the mixture on hair. Rinse it off after 1 hour and you will feel the difference in the first go itself.

Use of Egg for Skin Care:

The egg is also beneficial for the skin. If you are suffering from a great amount of tanning, simply take 1 egg, carefully extract egg-white from it and mix it with 1 tsp of honey. Apply one layer of the mixture and let it dry.

egg in protein treatment

Use mild warm water to wash off. The tanning effect will not only be minimized and ultimately removed but your skin will also become refreshed and clear.


Besides taking high-protein food in balanced quantity, you must also apply the above-mentioned hair masks which will not only arrest the hair fall but boost the texture of your hair.


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