A single opinion has the power of destroying the world, bringing novelties in it or building a whole new world. An opinion is what it takes for something considerably constructive to happen. Perhaps a right one. Opinions are the backbone of a sustainable society.

Are only some people supposed to have an opinion?

It is not important who you are but what you think, how powerful your thoughts, your opinions, and your actions are. There is enough existing evidence to support the fact that your background, your identity does not matter. If you have a strong opinion, then you will build your own identity and eventually you will have a stand of your own. People believe that their opinion is not important, that it does not matter. Nevertheless, I believe that whether you are the poorest person or the richest person of the country, whatever caste or class or sex you belong to – if you are right, and you know that you can make a difference, you will. All you need is to trust your thoughts and act accordingly.

observing and forming opinions

Why people do not form opinions?

People, particularly in our country follow media, powerful speeches by powerful people and very blandly make those opinions their own. Even if some people form their own view, have their own take, very few of them voice those opinions. One major reason could be the ‘fear’ of politicians, media or the fear of being questioned. Many people choose anonymity to give voice to their opinion which is not wrong but is a confirmation of the fear.

Another reason in some scenarios could be the “chilling effect” that is caused by the speech of those in power. The cause could be in the roots of gender socialisation where girls are taught to not have an evaluation. Another contributing factor might be people wanting to avoid controversy. However, some people say random stuff just to initiate a dispute. In that case, the opinion may not be of much value.

Importance of opinions-

In the case when your opinion is of significance, when it has the potential to bring a change which is paramount, informing the world about it becomes essential for its prosperity. You might not even be aware of the potential of your opinion until you voice them. However, you are not sure, you’re not confident about your viewpoint which channels hesitation about making it public.

Not all your opinions are important and some certainly need to be kept to yourself. Your neighbour for sure doesn’t want to know what you think of their dressing sense. However, your country may make use of some recommendation by a young adult about a feasible way to reduce terrorism, ways to reduce tension between communities or any other opinion on a political or social concern.

opinions survey

Impact of opinions-

Opinions have the power to initiate and end wars. That could be the impact of a strong opinion, so it is paramount to be cautious with them and use them judiciously. They could make or break nations. A wrong statement could commence wars and a right one could terminate it. The challenge is to bring those camouflaged opinions in light and in the light of justice.



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