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How to Improve Intellect: 9 Natural Ways to Improve Memory

At some point in your life, you might be thinking about how to boost your intellect and hold on the mental wear and tear that your brain (mind) goes through. To unravel the complete potential of your brain, it is extremely important to keep it in sharp and operating mode. It can be easily attained by making simple adjustments in your lifestyle. Below are some simple and easy steps if followed religiously will naturally improve memory, thereby improving your mental health significantly.

Point To Note:

Human Brain has this extraordinary potential to acclimatize and modify itself. This potential which is known by the scientific term of neuroplasticity is applicable even in old age among human beings. The brain can form new neurological routes, modifying the current network, thereby acclimatizing as well as behave in evolving circumstances.

Improve Memory by doing Exercises:

1. Exercise stimulates the brain to function optimally making the cells to invigorate the interconnections between them. Stronger interconnection will provide protection to the brain from any sought of damage. Physical exercises increase the supply of oxygen to the brain which prevents the development of various mental disorders.

In the course of the exercise, brain cells release a special type of neuron protein known as a neurotrophic factor. It activates various chemicals which proves beneficial for intellect abilities of the brain.

Aerobic exercises, hand & eye coordination exercises, brisk walking and few jumping exercises are the best forms of physical exercises that a person can begin with and are more than enough in reboosting the human brain.

Lack of exercise will cause the accumulation of plaque in arteries which in turn will decrease the capacity of blood arteries in your body to pump blood efficiently.

2. Accumulation of plaque leads to a heart attack as well as a reduction in the requisite oxygen and nutrition quantity that the blood supplies to the brain comprise the brain’s ability to function efficiently.

To forestall such a possibility, it is better to always be on your toes. Never turn yourself into a stationary object. No matter, if you have to take a quick walk, do it as it will aid you in sustaining as well as boosting your intellect.

Perform Mental Conditioning of Brain:

3. It is extremely important to perform the mental conditioning of the brain. From birth till the time, you attain adulthood, an infinite amount of neurological routes have been formed which have carried out innumerable cognitive functions.

Human Brain does not get appropriate stimulation if the same neurological routes are undertaken. It needs constant development which it gets through mental conditioning.

Human memory needs to be discharged as well as recharged at different stages. Regular brain workout lets brain process and retain the data for longer period.

Practice different Meditation Techniques:

4. To make yourself mentally strong and healthy, the best remedy is to adopt and practice different meditation techniques. It is not necessary to practice meditation for a longer period as you start doing it.

Even the time-limit of 1 to 2 minutes is sufficient for beginners. As you get comfortable with the techniques, increase the duration of your meditation. Meditation generates calmness in the body which soothes your nerves. After it, you will feel more relaxed and much calmer.

Integrate the practice of Mindfulness while meditating. Mindfulness is a psychological environment in which a person focusses on the situation to be faced in the present but also remaining aware of the ambience. The technique of mindfulness contributes a lot in lowering the stress level.

Meditation is known to reduce high blood pressure which contributes a lot in improving the memory, especially the short term intellect of a person.

Effect of Negative Emotions:

5. The prolonged presence of negative emotions in your life, such as, anger, anxiety or jealousy, etc. begins to gradually erode those brain parts which are important for the conscious or memory.

Here, one of the major stress-related problems is that of depression. Lack of concentration will cause you to forget things more often. Depression let an increase in the level of cortisol which directly affects the hippocampus area of the brain which is the storehouse of short-term memory.

If depression is not treated on time then it can fully impair the brain’s capacity to remember afresh. So, if you are experiencing severe bouts of depression, then it is advisable to take the help of a professional psychologist who can help in eliminating depression which in turn would lead to improved memory.

Keep a Check on Obesity Level:

6. Increased level of obesity in a person is a known cause of having a poor memory. Always keep your body weight under check as an increased level of obesity can lead to the development of Alzheimer in later stages of human life. Take that food diet which includes food items which help to improve memory.

Have a Good & Sufficient Sleep to Improve Memory:

7. Always try to have a good sleep of normally 7 to 8 hours for the night. As per different scientific researches, Sleep for human beings is necessary for the strengthening of intellect or memory for the reason that crucial memory boosting activities happens in the brain in a stage of deep sleep.

While sleeping, the brain preserves the information that has been stored recently. It will also help you in retaining the stored information, making your brain much sharper than before.

It is advisable to stop the use of mobile phones, television and any other gadget, at least 1 hour before sleep because of blue light radiated by the devices prompt alertness in the brain and interrupt or conceal the chemical known as melatonin that triggers sleep pattern in human beings.

8. It is also advisable to listen to soothing music if you are low on mood as it will not only soothe your nerves but will also cheer-up your dampened spirit.

9. Reading out a piece of information in a subtle yet loud voice have proven to boost the memory of that information. Regular Reading will serve the dual purpose to improve memory as well as modulating your voice. As a result, It will boost the brain’s ability to comprehend and recall things.


Intellect or Memory is a natural skill that continues to change as long as you live. The best strategy to improve memory is to follow a double routine of physical exercises and also consuming healthy and nutritious food which will go a long way in proper conditioning of Brain.

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