Mass bunk at Delhi University- Let’s plan it Right now!


    Ever did a class mass bunk in school? Remember … Bunking a class with your bestie and then loitering around in the corridors, escaping from the teachers? Now if you are done with your board exams then you need not to do that alone with your bestie. Because now you can do the same in college but the only difference is that now the whole class is going to accompany you for the MASS BUNK. Individual decision divides students but MASS BUNK is the only thing which unites them. Maybe because this is the most memorable moment of your college life. Yes, undoubtedly in DU attendance matters but it’s all up to your priority which one you gonna choose. Memory or useless marks or marks over memories. However both are important, what you need to do is maintain a balance between the two. Neither be too boring who takes all the lectures nor be a lost soul who doesn’t even know what’s going on in the class.

    However, planning mass bunk is not that easy, you may face some obstacles like class unity followed by professors attitude. Let’s discuss them in detail.

    You’ll always find some students who will restrain from the mass bunk.

    Regular Students (The College Toppers)

    The nerds just can’t understand the sorrow of sticking straight to the benches and attending long and boring lectures regularly. Even though they have 95%+ attendance they sacrifice anything for attending lectures which is quite surprising, isn’t it? I mean I just can’t understand why there are such kinds of nerds in every course in every batch. Come on buddy, you aren’t going to fail the semester if you’re supporting mass bunk, and enjoying with your friends. After all, college life is what you are going to miss the most. So, prioritize memories over the meaningless marks and regular monotonous classes.

    “Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because now, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do.
    – A.P.J Abdul Kalam

    You’ll find a student who is always up for mass bunk. In fact, such students are more successful in life.

    Ever Ready (Life Scholars)

    The next category is of those students who are ever ready for a mass bunk. Whenever they see the message of the C.R. for a mass bunk on the unofficial WhatsApp group their usual dialogue is ‘I AM UP’. Contrary to the regular students, these ever ready students can go to any level for a successful mass bunk if once provoked. In fact, the idea to initiate mass bunk flows from their WhatsApp account to C.R.’s like ‘Bhai please karade’. Undoubtedly this is the category of students who perfectly blends college and academics in a way that life becomes worthy.

    You’ll also witness some students who don’t even know what’s going on, how can you expect them to react for the mass bunk.

    Silencers (Bored From Life)

    Silencers is that category of students who are far away from college life and are busy in their own life. Though they’re admitted to the regular college, it seems that they are part of the School of Open Learning. Neither they act as an obstacle for the mass bunks nor they are supporters for the mass bunk. Because either they are stuck with their coaching sessions or are just spoiling their time at home. Therefore, these students are ignored by every other student in the class.

    Professors – The Last Torchbearers

    Finally, you are now only a step away to succeed in the mass bunk, last and the most difficult step. There are broadly two types of professors.

    Professors in Delhi university can be very mean so be careful to plan for a mass bunk with such kind of professors or they could be like as above.

    Sheer sense Professors

    The first category is of the professors who are of your grandparent’s age. I don’t know if it is because of the generation gap or any other reason but these professors never support a mass bunk. Doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, whether it is raining or any other reason you just can’t restrain them from taking lectures. In fact, they won’t hesitate to take lectures during the strikes or during off-time. It is because of these professors that students feel as if they’re still in school and not in the college. Don’t mess with these kinds of professors if you are concerned about the marks and attendance.

    Professor just like a friend

    It is not like that every professor in DU is as stated above. The next category is of those professors who are more of a friend than professors. They are themselves excited by the idea of mass bunk because they enjoy sitting in staff room idly and gossiping. You need not worry about the syllabus and attendance as these professors handle it very efficiently. All you need to do is just tell your professors about your plan and they will support you, open-heartedly.

    Enjoy your mass bunk. as it won’t come back again.

    Go and enjoy Mass Bunk

    Mass bunk without offending professors or risking the low attendance is an art in which only a few students owe expertize. If you don’t want to bunk the whole day you can simply bunk the boring lectures and attend what you want. Before planning for mass bunk plan your bunking buddies carefully because it is with whom you are going to spend your whole time. A key point to note in this regard is that stay away from negative people because they’ll suck your time. And if you’re planning to mass bunk your boring theory lecture, then do it before the professor enters the classroom.  Remember, once you start skipping classes it never ends but it gradually increases. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and plan for a mass bunk after all these college days won’t come back! All the best!


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