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    Maharashtra breakdown due to Corona – 10 dead, 230 infected

    Latest Maharashtra news says that samples of 5 forepeople in the state were found positive, increasing the total number of cases to 230 in the state. Out of the 5, 4 are from Mumbai and 1 is from Pune. A total of 10 deaths have been reported from the state. The figure for home quarantined people till Wednesday was 19161 while 1224 people were in institutional quarantine according to the officials. 

    Meanwhile, the total number of cases in the country has risen to 1397, 123 patients have recovered and the death toll surges to 35.

    Maharashtra CM, cabinet to take a 60% pay cut for this month

    Earlier Deputy Chief Minister, Ajit Pawar announced a pay-cut of 60% for Chief Minister, MLAs and other representatives of local bodies in the month of March. Also, Class I and II will receive a 50% salary cut, while Class III employees will have to do away with 25% and no cut would be done for Class IV employees.

    Hours later the news update says that an official notification amended was done according to which Maharashtra government will be disbursing the March salary in two installments. For the month of March, 40% of the total salary, including the representatives in civic bodies will be given.

    Eateries can run kitchen during COVID-19 lockdown

    Restaurants and small eateries had put down their shutters in wake of the 21 days nationwide lockdown. The state has to allow restaurants and eateries to keep only their Kitchens open and provide home delivery services as well adding that Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said, service providers, need to maintain hygiene and practice the protocol to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    Meanwhile, sugar factories are asked to provide food and essentials to sugarcane cutters and farm laborers.

    For latest covid19 updates visit WHO website.


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