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Top 10 Logistic Startups In India Which Are Improving Online Businesses

Mark Zuckerberg in the second edition of Meta: ‘Fuel for India 2021’  said that Indian startups are playing an immense role in shaping the future. As the greatest of skills in different sectors play a massive role in creating the best of the developments in the world in upcoming years, also spotlighted his investment plans for India. 

Logistics startups are the spine of India’s bustling e-commerce industry. They will continue to play an essential role in helping the country to advance its economy.

So let’s dip into some promising logistic startups in India which can be worth peeking into 2022- 

1. ShiftKarado

logistics startups in india,

This promising startup from Gurugram one of the fast-growing logistics startups in India was founded in 2016 by Atul Mithal Sahil Mithal, Aulina Mithal Sood, and Ashish Mullick. Leading with professionalism and high work standards is all set to leave marks around. 

It runs on a smooth process and is very friendly. It notably targets the Indian audience, motivating people to help shift their goods. Affordability and reliability are the main assets that hold people toward them.

The application provides clients with the choice of doing a site review themselves over their PC or mobile phones. 

Here is the link-

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2. Black Buck 


Thi logistic startup in Bangalore was founded in 2015 by Rajesh Yabaji, Chanakya Hridaya, and Ramasubramaniam B. 

They aim to simplify business for truckers and prove advantageous to them. The shippers can get access to the accurate truck and can quickly get them at the right time at the right price. It promises a flawless future for the consumers one of the emerging startups in India in the logistics business. 

With two business models (B2B) business to business & (B2C) business to consumers, it is working remotely looking at ground operations. 

With all other features, it offers a great working environment for the workers too by providing them with the best of the advantages – 

  • Vacations with families and sick leaves. 
  • Health care & insurance
  • Work from home option for parents 

The trucking sector can get significant changes shortly as the business grows consistently.

Check here- Blackbuck Company

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3. Rivigo


Rivigo is one of the fastest-growing startups in India. As time goes by, time proves that it will change the logistic sector. 

Rivigo, founded in 2014 by Deepak Garg, Gazal Kalra, is a Gurugram-based logistics startup. 

It provides delivery in apparel, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, and Frozen Foods. It works on the Relay Truck Model, and this way, the race is finished every time. Due to this, the speed of business increases, and there is excellent asset utilization.

The company’s tech platform additionally incorporates an organization of sensors utilized to screen the temperature of refrigerated shipments. 

Check Here- Rivigo

4. Ninjacart 


Ninja Cart is a Fresh food supply Chain Company that Supplies fresh food and vegetables more than 1500 tons a day. It has added lots of farmers to the team. It has counted around 20 thousand Kirana stores and retailers in their group with many employees. 

CEO and CO founder Thirukumaran Nagarajan founded it in 2015. Since then, it has been working to change the entire agriculture industry with the help of budding technology. 

It recently launched a ‘FoodPrint’ feature, which lets the buyers trace the goods supplied from farm to home. 

 Company’s Website- NinjaCart

5. GreyOrange


The startup of the future, GreyOrange, is a Robotics company started in 2012 by Founder Aakash Gupta, CO-Founder & CEO Samay Kohli. Its headquarter is in Singapore, and the Local office is in Haryana. 

It provides end-to-end automation to logistics and warehouses. It is friendly and flexible for the users. It has also spread the business around the international level and is slaying at multinationals. 

GreyOrange can currently reconsider as one of the top players in functional and modern advanced mechanics applications. 

Check their website- GreyOrange

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6. Blue Dart 


Blue Dart provides courier delivery benefits. Have headquarters in Mumbai and have covered almost 30-40% of the market. It offers speedy and secure delivery of product shipments. It was founded in November 1983 by Akhlaque, the chairman, and his friends Clyde Cooper and Khushroo Dubash. 

Benefit it provides-

  •  Free pick up from your locations
  •  Proper track of your shipment
  •  Delivery proof
  • Everything that an individual desires and deserves is promised by them.

Here is the link – Blue Dart

7. DHL

This company belongs to the courier industry, and it helps in international shipping, and it was embodied on 24 April 2001. In India, it is now regulated by board members & directors Subramanian Sivarama Ramachandran and Anjali Rahul Bhadbhde. 

It allows an excellent working atmosphere and furnishes work-life symmetry. There is job security and good recognition and prizes. 

They have promising benefits for their workers like

  • Insurance – Disability, dental, health
  • Health saving account
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Vacation & Time Off (paid vacations)
  • Employee discounts
  • Financial and Retirement

Link- DHL

8. Edgistify

It was established in 2016 out of the supply chain and logistics in the organization. It proves to be one of the most believable demand-supply chains with support.


  • Seasonal warehouse support
  • Market insight at every step
  • Benchmarking of every facility
  • Information trust of parameters

One of the most extensive materials handling equipment facilities is provided, such as the Hydra crane, Stacker, Reach Truck, Order Picker, VNA, and Forklift. 

They furnish warehouse spaces connected with operational support in more than 150 cities in India

Check Here- Edgistify

9. Gati

Gti is one of the renowned logistics companies. Mahendra Agarwal in 1989 established Gati, and it provides supply chain solutions with properties like packaging labeling, customs clearance, import-export management. 

Objectives of Gati- It aims to limit the effect on climate supporting logical exploration that reflects maintainability and concerns. 

Benefits provided by Gati are –

  • Time off, Vacations 
  • Proficient Support
  • Health and Wellness protections
  • Parenting and family 
  • Employee Discount.

Check their Company’s Website – Gati

10. Delhivery

It is an Indian logistics and e-commerce supply chain company founded in 2011 by Sahil Barua, Mohit Tandon; Bhavesh Manglani; Suraj Saharan; Kapil Bharati. 

Delhivery offers one of India’s most satisfactory dispatch administrations for online business. 

Some of the features of Delhivery which are worth looking into are-

  • Management teams of experts performing best at their area of expertise.
  •  Robust IT framework
  • Start to finish production network arrangements

Check here-  Delhivery


Sometimes the little efforts taken in the right direction can make your journey mild & effortless. And small ideas can turn the hardest rocks if the right amount of effort is applied. 

And the way these startups are moving ahead, no wonder what next milestone they’re going to touch. As India is rapidly developing, so are the startups with innovative and modern solutions. 

So this was the list of  Top 10 Logistic Startups In India in 2022 that are worth looking into, and you can get inspired. 

So please share this with your known ones and let it reach them, inspire them, and they come up with something creative in their fields too.

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