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TVF (THE VIRAL FEVER) is the creative network that is launched to reach (via KOTA FACTORY) the younger generation so as to change the mode and taste of Entertainment. Recently, TVF had released the students series’ first episode Inventory. The play excels in the dialogues. Writer Abhishek Yadav or the creator Saurabh Khanna whosoever had written the dialogues had done a commendable job. “Kota factory nhi shehar hua karta tha”, “Jiske lie IIT jana tha wo commerce wale k saath bhag gyi“. These are the heartbeat of this tale and a monologue of ‘JEETU’ clearly depicts that the tale had a perfect blend of humour, emotions, and other dialogues.

Kota factory - thefrend

Kota factory – a brief up

This series is a phenomenal anecdote of a student’s journey by TVF. this season gives an unabashed view into the lives of a student preparing for IIT JEE in the coaching capital class of India. Protagonist Mayur More as Vaibhav Pandey migrates to Kota to prepare for India’s most difficult college entrance exam. The episode begins with a struggle of a father with full of hopes in the eyes and getting it down due to not getting admission in Renowned one (Maheshwari classes), even though Vaibhav managed to get 90% in high school. His father after a great struggle managed to get Vaibhav admitted in another institute of Kota, ignoring the fire that’s burning his pocket.

Kota factory - thefrend

Kota – Rajasthan

The place where there are more Nokia users in the era of MI and iPhone. Every year a bunch of students came with a dream in their eye for their upcoming future and very few came to end their dreams into reality. Where you would witness only students to the extent your sight allows. And the harsh reality that sucks is that the average student suicide rate is 1-2 students per week. Amid this, the anecdote could throw the light and could provide reality to students in the way of entertainment.

This episode has good screenwriting and probably would grab a lot of viewers, therefore, Waiting eagerly for the next episode. Click here https://youtu.be/JWbnEt3xuos for the season first episode.

how it ends

Kota factory - thefrend

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