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Kota Factory: The Untold Story of Student’s Life- Don’t Read

Kota factory is on everyone’s mind from the very day it was aired on YouTube. The Kota factory quotes or dialogues like ‘Kesa karoge Tum is zalim Duniya ka samna’, ‘Bacchae 2 saal mein KOTA se nikal jaate hain! KOTA salon tak bacchon se Nahi nikalta’ and many more are on everybody’s tongue.

Let’s see what’s so special about this new web series. The story of the Kota factory is about an urban upper-middle-class boy named Vaibhav Pandey who is a brilliant student aspiring to get admission into IIT.

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His journey starts when in the middle of his 11th class, he gets into the Kota City to get admission into Maheshwari classes – a leading brand in Kota having an impeccable record of preparing many IIT Rankers. However, he fails to make it to Maheshwari because of late application and switches to Prodigy class getting into its last batch A10.

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He takes a PG house to stay in Kota leaving his family and house. Meena who is in the A5 batch also lives in the same rented PG house. They both share a few words and then Vaibhav is introduced to another guy in the PG Uday and his girlfriend Shivangi – a medical student. Meena is a well-behaved and studious boy who is very much loyal to his principles and morals. Uday is a careless guy and his girlfriend is sassy and smart. Soon They all become good friends.

maheshwari classes kota building

Vaibhav, Meena, and Uday soon get into the same batch A5 after Vaibhav gives a test to his physics teacher Jeetu who is known as Jeetu Bhaiya to show that he deserves a good batch. Although Jeetu Bhaiya figures out that the test has been done through cheating still offers Vaibhav to join the A5 batch because he finds him hardworking and willing as he knew time and length were not justifiable for the test. Vaibhav shows the struggle of a student in a new city who learns to adapt, to Jeetu Bhaiya’s Advice. Vaibhav also meets her lady love in Kota – Vartika Ratawal who is the best friend of Shivangi and also Vaibhav’s classmate in school.

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Soon Vaibhav is seen getting into the A1 batch after which he gives the entrance test for Maheshwari classes and gets selected. After which he faces the dilemma of whether to stay in Prodigy or go to Maheshwari. Jeetu Bhaiya finally solves his problem and motivates him to join Maheshwari as he finds it more convenient for building a better scope for getting into IIT. Finally, Vaibhav gets into another PG leaving Prodigy and his friends. He gets introduced to another boy in his PG who is in Maheshwari and he is shown guiding him as an old student of Kota in the last few minutes of the last episode.

The series is being much appreciated among its audience particularly students for showing the true life of a student. The movies like Student of the Year 2 have left us much disappointed with its story and what it has represented students as.

There were a lot of students who felt that a student’s life had been portrayed in a completely wrong manner and if watched along with the family can build a completely wrong impression before them. Your parents will think that all you do in school is to have fun, romance, fancy parties except for your studies. It has shown students are involved more in love and infidelity than in the studies. Whereas the Kota factory has done a commendable job to give insights into students’ hardship and has shown them very ambitious, the reality in today’s competitive world.

Vaibhav is shown having the dilemma of choosing between Maheshwari classes or Prodigy classes for a more secure future and not between two girls to be chosen as a girlfriend as shown in SOTY 2. Also, if there is a love story added to Vaibhav’s life, it does not involve stupid conspiracies, a love triangle, and all that drama like heroin being portrayed as a ‘gold digger’ cheating his partner for a rich boy and breaking the lead protagonist’s heart. It just has shown a simple love story.

Maheshwari classes, jeetu bhaiya iit rank

The characters look really like students and not like some grown-up actors having luxurious cars, wearing loads of makeup, attending fancy parties, wearing senseless school uniforms, having no ambitions other than winning some school titles through money and influence. The actors are picked according to what should be a student’s age. The actresses are not being shown wearing fancy dresses, heels, and loads of makeup, and they are shown how a normal female student would be living.

There is not too much emphasis on the perfection of how the cast looks like as in SOTY

maheshwari classes kota building

They look at what a student at his/her casual should look like. Vaibhav’s Institute campus is not a villa having too many facilities as shown in the student of the year 2. It shows the student’s accommodation problem like Vaibhav finding it difficult to eat what is being served in his classes and surviving on patties and Maggi.

Also, the teacher and student relationship have been perfectly portrayed. We all have that one teacher in life who charms us and we are very much influenced by his/her personality and teaching techniques and have immense respect for him/her. Jeetu Bhaiya is the teacher in the story.

Now we all are waiting for season 2. Hope it is released soon. And if you are still to watch the first season go and watch it right now and you can also watch it with your family so that parents get to know better about your life as a student.

If you have not watched it yet, watch it here – Kota Factory

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