Perfect background for cliche quotes, grey clouds, fluffy clouds, wispy clouds or those who just cover the whole sky. One cannot just get tired of staring them. Gray ones bring rain along with them whereas you can shape the puffy ones. No matter what type of clouds we see, Every cloud has a silver lining. But what are clouds? Beside bundles of collected water vapour, an essential everyday object. Being an avid cloud enthusiast, clouds mean a lot to me and I hope after reading this article you will adore them too.

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How clouds are formed?
As the sun heats the ground, the air above it becomes lighter and begins to rise. This warm air then gets vaporised to form clouds. Clouds are made of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals. The droplets are so small and light that they can float in the air. When clouds get so full of water droplets that they can’t hold any more, the water falls back to the ground as rain!

Picture this, a warm, June afternoon, walking down the footpath and suddenly you look up at the sky with an innocent look on your face, you see a blue sky with puffy clouds passing through looking like a cotton candy or the most average cumulus clouds you can imagine, just moseying lazily through the afternoon air. Staring at those clouds makes you the urge to hold them or just jump on them. Like who wouldn’t? Well, it’s not stupid to stare at the sky, you can share your fondness with your beloved ones and when they notice a pretty cloud they’ll remember and think about you. Clouds play a significant role in nurturing us valuable lessons than just being beautiful.

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  1. The constant change in the structure of clouds and has the potential of raining and snowing, strives us to stand for our goals, think big of our dreams because if we can change ourselves for our sake we can achieve anything.
  2. Clouds don’t have a stop or finish point. Which means we human should not worry about the atmosphere and just keep moving towards our goal. Be it discovering or inventing stuff, completing your task or just doing some household chores, Clouds encourage us to never get bothered by circumstances.
  3. Clouds are full of droplets and they need them in order to rain. Just like droplets you need experiences in order to fulfil your resolve.
  4. When bundles of the cloud are together, they can cause raining and thunderstorm. In the same manner, if we are united with our beloved ones and have the determination to complete the task, no force can stop you.
  5. Clouds motivate us to dream big, to make us remember that we need to appreciate the small aspects of our life.

Many of us look at the sky once or twice in a day but never appreciate it excluding rainy days but literally, you need to take the time to appreciate the clouds on a regular basis. I’m sure many of you have noticed the changes in the colour of the sky during dawn and dusk, breath-taking? right? Just by spending a small amount of time, quietly gazing at those clumsy and fluffy clouds builds the emotion of strength and cheers up the mood which can make your day mellow. Whether it’s an important day or just a frustrating day, Look at the sky, overlooking the surroundings just adore the clouds, awe-struck creation of nature.

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As the singer Sia sings ” Here in the ashes your soul cries out, But don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds”, There will be a new beautiful day with an amazing cloud cheering for you and when you’re tired at the end of the day just look at them and picture your happy days.

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