Is Internet increasing influence on young minds

Is Internet Increasing Influence On Young Minds: Boon or Bane?

The past few years have acknowledged the Internet’s increasing influence on young minds rapidly. Among these users, many are children. Internet’s influence and its usage by children has readily increased. Although the Internet is useful for children, one cannot simply overlook its negative impacts, most of which are directly aimed at children.

If proper checks and guidance are not implemented, it can lead to some dangerous situations. Having said that, you all need to understand that every coin has two faces and therefore we cannot adhere only to the ill-effects, overlooking the positives of this revolutionary tool in the hands of humans…

Positive effects of the Internet on kids

Using the internet for playing games and learning from it increases creativity and teamwork among children. It also helps in increasing hand-eye coordination. Using the internet for study increases the knowledge and this, in turn, increases the confidence of the students. With the help of proper guidance and use, children can learn many new things from it and it also helps them perform better at any stage in their lives. It also increases their visual intelligence as they learn things from online lectures.

The ill-effects of the Internet: Deteriorating Physical Health

Having talked about the positives, let us dive straight into the ill-effects that the Internet has hurled upon us, constant deteriorating health is the most prominent of all. Sitting for long hours in front of the screen severely affects the health of children. Firstly, it affects their eyesight and increases obesity.

Sitting long hours in front of the computer lessens the time of their physical activity, as they hardly give any time to outdoor games resulting in lesser activity and strength. Sometimes, children do not go outside their house at all as they are way too engrossed in web surfing or playing their favorite online game. They hardly give any time to their family and friends, this results in the aloofness of the kids from the real world.

Depression and Social Maladaptation

There are chances that the kids can fall into bad hands because at such a tender age as theirs, they are vulnerable to almost everything. Violent online games can have a long-lasting impact on a child’s brain and he/she may grow into an individual of short temper and someone who is easily distressed. Influenced by these games, kids try to copy the stuff which, of course, is not good for them as these stupid acts may, in no time, turn out to be severe unavoidable accidents.

A year or two back, an online game called Blue Whale, killed more than thousands of children all around the world. This game provoked the children to commit suicide. This can be cited as the biggest example of the undaunting ill-effect of the Internet and the violence spread by mindless following of it. Although immediate action was taken by the government and the game was banned by Google and other social media platforms, somehow the link of the game was sent to the children in illegal ways. Still, the game took many lives, snatching away happiness from thousands of families.

After this incident stricter rules were made by the government and guidelines were released on how children should use the internet so that this horrible history does not repeat itself.

So finally, as I come to an end of this article, it is totally evident that the Internet is neither totally a blessing nor a curse, rather it is safe to say that it is merely a tool that serves its purpose. The true nature of the Internet is thus, determined by the way one uses it.

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