How To Use Pinterest For Marketing Your Business- A Beginners and Easy Guide

As the recent updates, there are 444 million monthly active users on the Pinterest platform in October 2021. It is placing 14th in the ranking of the world’s most ‘active’ social media platforms. Pinterest is an ultimate three-way destination for brands to increase their sales, shoppers to explore different products and also for people to communicate with their friends in a creative way. So in this article, you will learn how to use Pinterest for marketing.

What is Pinterest and How To Use Pinterest For Marketing?

How To Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service web page and app designed to enable the saving and discovery of information on the internet using images.

Most people use Pinterest to search for images or information on the subject matter of their choice. From simple kitchen recipes to hot tourist destinations, Pinterest is one of the most search for-after social media platforms.

So in the introduction, I mentioned that it is a social media platform where you can promote a blog, product or website and get traffic to your landing page or website.

Choose Between Personal Account OR Business Account:

First of all, you need to be clear about your intention to set up a Pinterest Account.

If the sole purpose of your presence on Pinterest is promoting your business or product or acquiring lead conversions then you have to switch your account from a personal to a business account. After the mandatory switch-over only, you can, enjoy the entire advantages that are offered with a business account on Pinterest.

How to Use Images in Pinterest

How to Use Images in Pinterest,
How To Use Pinterest

Try to use the actual images which put forward the personal experience of the customer about your brand onto your Pinterest board. Of course, there should be complete permission from the customer.

Create text images using actual quotes from the customers and pin them onto your board to improve the general perception prevalent among customers about your brand.

Utilize the potential of Rich Pins on Pinterest:

Rich Pins includes a variety of content other than an image. You must utilize the potential of rich pins on Pinterest to further your business prospects.

Give Attention to Pin’s Description:

Every pin regardless of the nature of the content contains a description that informs the people about what they are going to see in the pin. If the bloggers are promoting their blog posts on Pinterest, mentioning the title of the blog & brief description is sufficient on Pinterest.

Always choose multiple locations from where you can post a pin. Pinning from your Pinterest profile is the best thing. Apart from this, if your business has a website or a blog, always share your updates or posts from that location onto your Pinterest network.

The quantity of the pins depends to a large extent on the objective of your business.

If you want to network with fellow Pinterest influencers, there is also an option of creating group boards to increase the shareability of your brand’s content.

It will not only allow you to gather more content from the group board but also pave the way for professional collaborations in the future.

Pinterest is a great platform to provide testimony that users or customers are searching for a particular type of content.

The type of content to be submitted for analysis can be selected by the nature of pinning. It means the kind of posts users tends to pin onto their board.

Using Pinterest to organize customer behavioural research is increasing as part of social research tools. Apart from Pinterest ads, you can also make use of community feedback for gauging customers’ reactions.

If you have opened a business account on Pinterest, you can also effectively utilize the feature of the Audience Insight in the Analytics section.

For improving the search visibility of your pins, it is better to include hashtags in them. As you click on the hashtag, all the pins having the # will appear in your search.

Develop business as a master on a subject so much that people following you have full trust that they will get all the information that they are seeking by following your brand on Pinterest.

Develop strategy for Non-Followers also:

what is pinterest and how to use it

Set out an expansion strategy designed for the Pinterest network that not only aims to increase the followers but which also expand your network reach amongst the non-followers.

For this purpose, create pins for your loyal followers. Afterwards, focus on those people who might be interested in your pins but are not your followers.

This process will widen the reach of your pins and your pins and Pinterest will display your pins under the Picked For You feature for the non-followers.

Creative and Well-thought-out pins make them appear on the home feed of the Pinterest users regularly, thereby, allowing your business, product or content to reach a wider set of people.

For personal marketing of your business, it is advisable to think from the viewpoint of the user and also anticipate the questions that they might have in mind. Keyword research is a crucial tool prior to creating pinboards.

You can also name the pinboards based on the nature of those questions so that both followers and non-followers can easily discover as well as explore your Pinterest profile.

Increasing Engagement on Pinterest:

● People join Pinterest with the expectation that they will get a solution to their problem in the form of images.

But, you can make it more interactive by creating pinboards especially dedicated to answering questions posed by people on the Pinterest network.

Adopt Customer based strategy on Pinterest:

● If you are witnessing the dwindling sale of your business on Pinterest, the best thing is to adopt a customer-based strategy to boost sales.

As a first step, get the requisite permission from the customer to include them in your business strategy.

This type of strategy brings fruitful results for your business. Contact customers who have a positive experience with your business or product.

You can request them to pose with your product or record their experience video about using your product. It will give a more humane and real touch to your business strategy.

Point To Note:

The most positive sign of people engaging actively on your Pinterest network is when they pin your posts on their pinboards. The icing on the cake occurs when people actually click on that pinned post to see the original content source.


Pinterest is a boon for companies wanting to promote themselves and searching to expand themselves in a different way. It has emerged those social media networks have the prime focus on increasing the sales of the company.

If Pinterest is used for personal or business interests, it is important to have regular traffic in the form of regular communication with followers on Pinterest.

In Pinterest, it is important that pinners engage with the content that you have pinned from the internet or uploaded. The following information will provide valuable tips to optimally expand your Pinterest Profile whether it is a business account or personal account.

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