How Apple Revolutionising the Tech World

How Apple Revolutionising the Tech World

Apple CEO Tim Cook is planning to revolutionize the tech world to change our perspectives towards technology. But How Apple Revolutionising the Tech World or What is Apple Revolution?

They just made their biggest announcement in years this Monday and this time it didn’t really end with a brand-new innovative iPhone or iPad or any other hardware device. They are jumping into the streaming and the news business. The company still hasn’t said anything about its launch or the cost.

Apple introduced their upcoming Apple TV+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and Apple News+ through their presentation. It’s a whole new track they are keen on looking forward to. What changes are these applications going to bring to our lives? Is this really going to pose a challenge for the other companies in the market? After the end of the event, everyone is looking forward to how much are these things going to cost since those details were not given.

Apple TV+

Apple unveiled the new Apple TV+ streaming service and once it gets launched around the globe, its streaming competition is going to be fierce since companies like Disney, Netflix, etc are on the top and they might have to watch some downfall in the market. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, says that their new streaming service could attract 100 million subscribers within 5 years.

The giants are redesigning its Apple TV app to allow consumers to pay for only what they want to watch ad-free and also share with their family. It will allow consumers to subscribe to channels like Showtime, HBO, etc. More importantly, it is not going to share consumers’ personal data with anyone.

How Apple Revolutionising the Tech World
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Apple Card

The tech giant wants to be a bank to its consumers also and they claim that they are going to change the entire credit card experience. Apple, along with Goldman Sachs is planning to manufacture a no plastic credit card this summer. It will have a rewards system that is said to add 2% of any Apple Pay purchase amount directly to the Apple Wallet.

A fingerprint or face-identification confirmation is required for every purchase. It again specifies here that they won’t be tracking were tracking the payments are being made or for how much payment is being made at all. The app will also help consumers set spending goals, monitor rewards, and view their balances.

An optional physical card will be available which is a laser-etched titanium rectangle. There’s no expiration date, card number, or security code on the card (They will be only in the app). Tim said that he believed that the card would be the most significant change in the credit card experience in 50 years.

Apple Card, apple revolution
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Apple Arcade

Apple is going to offer a new ad-free subscription gaming service, which will let users access more than 100 games exclusively. The company calls it the world’s first game subscription service for mobile, desktop, and the living room. This service will be available in 150 countries at first. The games will need to be downloaded but users will be able to stop a game on one device and pick it up at the same spot on another. The pricing has not been announced yet. Gaming stocks of Electronic Arts (EA) and Activision Blizzard (ATVI) have fallen down since the announcement of Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade

Apple News+

To make the Apple News app more happening and more informative it is now adding more than 300 magazines to it and digital outlets like The New Yorker, National Geographic, Sports, etc will also be there in the app. Roger Rosner (Vice President of applications at Apple) said that their goal is to create the best magazine reading experience for a mobile device. They also stressed that Apple News+ would be a trusted source of news.

The services are already launched recently for $9.99 a month with the first month free.

How Apple Revolutionising the Tech World, apple revolution
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There is a whole lot of key information which wasn’t offered at the launching event of the apple revolution. Since everyone would be looking forward to it, what are your thoughts on such a big move made by Apple?

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