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College is the phase of life where you study hard but party even harder. With so many different things to experience, it’s also a time when college students forget about taking care of their health. We tend to forget about the little things that may make our stressful college lives, a bit more bearable. With tons of pending assignments piling up on your study table (or presumably on your bed if you’re like me), it’s difficult to focus on ourselves.

But fear no more, because listed below, are a few easy things you can do, to achieve a healthy lifestyle and continue not just surviving but enjoying college life.


College requires a lot of work and if you’re up at 2 am, munching the unhealthiest snacks, would most definitely ruin your health. By creating an exercise routine and incorporating it into your everyday life, you can actually experience liberation. What’s more important, is that you stick to it. Although it can be very difficult in the beginning, if you take little steps at a time you can surely meet your goals in no time. Push yourself out of your comfort zone – even if it’s just a small change.

Sweat it out!!

Eat well!

Greens may look like your enemy, but you may need them more than you think. With college wearing you down constantly, you’d need a fresh mind. Sorry to break it to you but no amount of coffee could help you be active all the time. Vegetables provide you the nutrients to help you keep your mind fit. You’d truly see the change when you get down to working hours without craving junk food. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, so you should better start thinking about what you let in.

Keep track of what you achieve!

Maintaining a small diary of all your daily activities keeps you motivated to work even harder the next day. You also don’t need to wait for New Year to set those resolutions. Start today to see how a tiny note would help you concentrate on your everyday work and make you inspired.

8 glasses of water a day, keeps all your problems away!!

Water is more important than you give it credit for. At times we forget to keep our systems clean and eat too much. We also try everything possible to get rid of those nasty zits and cover them with layers and layers of foundation. Water could solve most of your problems only if you let it. Try drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. That’s where you can start if you only drink water when you’re thirsty.

Set those goals!

The best way to motivate oneself to live a better lifestyle is by developing a personal health goal. Find your motivation! Really it could be anything, like eating your favorite chocolate bar as long as you do 20 crunches. Or finishing 2 topics to watch another episode of the show you like. Your personal goals do not need to be big or elaborate. What’s more important is, that you’ve got something to aim for and to keep you focused on maintaining a better way of living your life.

Sleep your way to glory 🙂

Getting good sleep is as essential as getting good grades. Believe it or not, they’re very dependent on each other as well. When you sleep early instead of scrolling up and down on your Insta-feed, it’ll surprise you how a couple cat memes could change your life for the better. Sleeping more not only keeps your mind active, but it also helps you concentrate during exams. And you need those grades to shine on your resume, so start sleeping more!

College is indeed a hectic phase in everyone’s life, but at the same time, we can make it bearable by following the correct lifestyle pattern. No matter how engaged you are in completing all those “assignments”, studying for the upcoming exams and fooling around with your friends, it is very important to be very attentive about your health.  

Overall, enjoy your college life to the fullest because those are the days that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Write more, read more, dance more and party more with the speakers on full volume (unless you’ve got neighbors). Go out more, meet new people, learn about their lives and get involved in a social cause.

You’ve got only one College Life… LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST!!

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