Flexible Scheduling and Remote Work Options Policy

Another thing to keep in mind is that different types of freelance writers get different payouts. For instance, website copywriters earn a lot more than blog article writers. Freelance writing pays differently depending on your client and how you would prefer to be paid. Usually, freelance writers are paid either a set rate for an article within a specific word range, or they’re paid by the word. That’s why blogging is often started as a side hustle while you’re in college because, by the time you graduate, you might have gained enough momentum to make a decent income from your website.

Coaches, develops, and provides actionable feedback to drive optimum performance and ongoing development. You’ll be involved in the community through hosting and implementing event/activity plans for your territory that build awareness of our academic programs and campus community and drive inquiry generation. If you are teaching languages, you need experience to prepare students for official exams like IELTS or TOEFL. One of the secrets to becoming a standout remote work for college students remote candidate is tailoring your cover letter, resume, or Curriculum Vitae for each specific remote position you apply for. You may even get to work more hours while still remaining a full-time student. All the money you earn goes directly in your pocket so you can have more fun, pay off your student debt, and save more money. It also means you don’t need to take the bus or buy a car, have auto insurance, or spend on gas money to get to and from your job.

Staffing and Waiting

Alison Doyle is a job search expert and one of the industry’s most highly-regarded job search and career experts. Alison brings extensive experience in corporate human resources, management, and career development, which she has adapted for her freelance work. She is also the founder of CareerToolBelt.com, which provides simple and straightforward advice for every step of your career. As a college student, you have precious little extra time in your packed schedule.

These are lower-paying opportunities, but online surveys can be a great way to make some extra cash if you’re just looking for some spending money. If you do enough of them, you’ll get yourself a nice bit of walking around money, and they don’t usually take long. Surveys are a great way to do little work for a small but helpful amount of money. Short tasks are just what they sound like; little jobs that can usually be completed in 30 minutes or less. Tasks vary from site to site but often include transcription, data entry, internet research, answering questions, booking appointments, search engine evaluation, translation, and more.

Reasons Remote Work Really Works for College Students

Usually, to get a job as a transcriptionist, you’ll have to take an online typing test and also a practice transcription test. Getting a job as a transcriptionist isn’t easy because it’s a sought-after job, but if you pass the tests, you’re one of the lucky ones. For instance, I have a close business friend who is a course tech virtual assistant, which means she helps explicitly course creators with workbooks, writing lessons, and preparing presentations. Believe it or not, there are tons of online business owners who are looking for a virtual assistant just like you. Most jobs teaching English online are paid by the hour, so essentially your income will depend on the number of classes you teach each week. To get a job teaching English online, you will have to go through an application process.

  • You could also consider niching in an industry similar to your college major, which could get you higher pay at a quicker rate.
  • It also means you don’t need to take the bus or buy a car, have auto insurance, or spend on gas money to get to and from your job.
  • Supervisors and staff members discuss potential interest in and options for hybrid or fully remote work using the Discussion Guide.
  • The job includes creating and proofreading copy for different marketing materials, such as blog posts, newsletters, ads, presentations, video scripts, headlines, white papers, etc.
  • If you’re an employee, you’ll typically be paid an hourly rate for part-time work.

Check out this list of hiring companies to find more data entry gigs. If you enjoy helping people solve issues via phone, chat, social media, and email, customer service work is plentiful. Companies like ACD Direct, NexRep, Omni Interactions, and U-Haul offer flexible hours, and they hire beginners.

Online Tutor

However, the successful pivot by many to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that some University staff work can be performed effectively from off campus. Remote work is not an entitlement or a College-wide benefit, and in no way alters the terms and conditions of employment with the College.

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