Earthquakes are one of the natural disasters that human beings are most affected by. Depending on their intensity, the damage caused by them becomes severe, if the precautions are not taken properly. The more the intensity of an earthquake, the more the damage caused. Earthquakes can cause various damages causing loss of property and human lives. Depending on which area the earthquake takes place, the danger and amount of damage vary.


No matter the intensity, earthquakes always shake the ground. If the intensity is severe, then earthquake can cause landslides, avalanches in the mountainous areas and also cause split in the land. It also causes severe damage to high buildings.

Another way that the buildings fall because of the earthquake is because of soil liquefaction. Soil liquefaction is caused when the soil mixes with the groundwater because of the earthquake. After the mixing of the soil with groundwater, it forms a new soft soil, like quicksand. If this liquefaction takes place underneath the building, then the soil forms mush causing the building to sink or shake. Soil liquefaction is common in places where sandy soil along with groundwater at shallow depths exist.


If the area containing a fault line is affected by an earthquake, then the land breaks into pieces where the fault line exists, breaking it to new land areas. If the road crosses a fault line, then the earthquake might push the road along the fault line. The road will be sliced apart or pushed and even separated by the chasm all depending upon the movements of the earth’s plate.

If the intensity of the earthquake is high, then it can cause floods. Dams can be weakened or can be destroyed because of the earthquake. The irregulated water flow out of the barrier causes floods. Floods can also damage, submerge the ground level and sweep away everything crossing its path.


If the earthquake hits an ocean area, then it will cause a tsunami and giant tidal waves in the ocean. These waves and tsunami can cause huge damage to human lives living near the ocean area.

If an earthquake takes place near the area which contains lakes. Then, the phenomenon will be called “seiches”. Although seiches are not powerful like floods or tsunami, if the earthquake is strong enough then it can destroy the lakefront property.

Earthquakes can also cause fires by ripping gas pipes, pulling down electric wires and power lines.

Earthquakes are natural disasters that can take place anytime and anywhere. We have no control over it but by the help of modern technologies, we can predict easily when will earthquake occur at which place. Then, we can take suitable measures to minimize the risks and the damage that the earthquake will probably cause.


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