What is Drug abuse? Are youngsters the only ones doing it? What is pain medication addiction? Can I suffer from it unknowingly? What are the reasons behind all this? What effect does it have on us? Is there a way to get out of this cycle? Are there any intervention programs? Can recovering addicts have a present and future? 

Reality of Drug Abuse: 

Drug abuse or substance abuse is a habitual use of drugs in dozes and ways that harm one’s body. This is one of the leading concerns of this era. The steep rise of people indulging into drugs and addictive substances has been causing a lot of distress in the society we live in. So, it doesn’t come off as a surprise to know that India is also caught up in this atrocious maze of smoke and pills.

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According to the World Drug Report 2018, more than a quarter of a billion people use drugs globally. The stats and data of the growing prevalence of drug abuse might appear scary and unfathomable, but it is the reality of today’s time. More and more people are indulging into these habits and knowing or unknowingly destroying their lives. 

The Myth:

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It is a common belief that youngsters are the only ones indulging in drugs. While it is true that the risks of getting into drugs is higher in people belonging to the age group of 18 to 25 years, it’s also a proven fact that age seldom has to do anything with addiction.

 According to WDR 2018, drug use has increased substantially in the older generation i.e., people above the age of 40, justifying that youngsters aren’t the only ones vulnerable to drug abuse and addiction. 

Opioids and more: 

Cannabis is a very popular choice of poison for majority of the drug users. But pain medication addiction has seen quite a rise in the current era. Opioids are the biggest source of concern here. These are basically pain relief medication, prescribed to us by our doctors after we undergo some surgery or suffer from chronic pain. 


Even though 97 percent of the people do not become addicts after the use of these medications but sadly the rest 3 percent end up into this vicious cycle of addiction and withdrawal. These medications are said to create a sense of euphoria amid those who don’t suffer from any pain. Hence, it is always advised to take such pills with caution, in order to avoid the risk of getting addicted.

No certain reason: 

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It’s very difficult to pinpoint a solid reason behind drug abuse and alcoholism, as it varies from person to person. While some do it to escape reality, others do it for that adrenaline rush. For some it’s a coping mechanism but for others it might seem as their last resort. Drugs are those monsters that creep up on you and make you believe that you need them to survive while they continue to kill you in the process. 

The psychological changes one goes through under the influence of drugs is staggering. Hallucinations and illusions are a common occurrence in such situations, making it impossible for people to differentiate between their drugs induced thoughts and the reality.  

A way out: 

Even though it seems unattainable and impossible, there is a way out of that cycle. No matter how far gone you think you are, there’s always a scope of coming back. Sobriety is a long and painful battle but it is that one battle that can alter your world. 

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Drugs are never the solution. They will never ever solve your problems or take your pain away. Ironically, drugs will become the problem of your life. The high that you chase will end up leaving you worse than before and cripple your hopes and dreams. Do not give into it. Do not stop fighting.

Hope and all the beautiful things: 

It’s important for us to understand that there’s a future ahead of us. And it’s even more important to understand that these drugs and alcohol will just rob us of that future and our present as well. Don’t let them have this power over you. 

Happy and hopeful women

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem and believing that you can overcome it. Take it one day at a time, one goal at a time and one achievement at a time. And eventually, it won’t be long until you would have defeated all your demons and reached a healthier version of you. 

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