As a parent, everyone wants their child to be confident and resilient. Nurturing needs to be done from childhood itself and that responsibility obviously lies with the parents to inculcate confidence in the child.

A feeling of dejection and despair is the biggest hurdle for a child in marching ahead in life. Being a parent, it is your duty to set aside your disappointment and reassure your child of complete support.

Confidence in child

In this cut-throat competition where the struggle for life begins in the childhood itself, it becomes imperative to develop the right amount of confidence in the child.

It is extremely wrong to weave false dreams around your child so as he or she remains in an illusion without knowing the realities that they have to face.

For raising your child as a confident person, you need to make them aware of the realities of the abilities they possess.

At some point in life, a child goes through a rough patch, it is essential to endow them with enough self-confidence so that they not only endure the difficulties but also flourish with a strong persona.


No matter, what your child achieves, big or small, as a parent, your appreciation will do magic for them. In this delicate relationship, realistic feedback even though it is slightly negative coupled with appreciation, does wonders in boosting a child’s confidence.

Confidence in child

Even if a child, lack any talent in accomplishment towards a certain skill, never condemn them straight away. Appreciate the effort they have undertaken.

Make the child understand that necessity of repeated effort and hard work in a competitive life. It will certainly ignite self-belief in a child in his or her abilities.

do not give up

Mentor your child towards setting-up realistic targets so as to not let them overcome with a sense of guilt or failure.

If achieving target requires long-term planning, discuss it with your child and set small targets. So that the child doesn’t get bogged down by the weight of achieving a long target.

Let the Child live the Life as per their Age:

Never hope that your small child should start acting or living like an adult person. This will put an extremely negative effect on the child for the reason that he or she might begin to compete with the parents.

The child will surely struggle hard to fulfil those expectations which will gradually erode the confidence in a child. So, let them live their life according to their age.

Don’t unintentionally kill the kid in the child by bogging them down with heavy responsibilities normally undertaken by adults of the family.

Turn Mistakes into Lesson for the Child:

If a child does some mistakes, don’t scold them instead of turn those mistakes into a life-learning lesson for the child. Never have that dominating attitude when a child messes things up.

Permit the child to undertake things in their own way. This way even if children do something wrong, then they can approach the activity in a better manner next time, thereby rectifying the mistake.

Communication & Encouragement

Communicate to the child about the need of taking defeat, criticism as well as mental agony as a stepping stone towards achieving success. Never allow your child to swim in negative emotions.

Constant encouragement is a must. Assure them to have trust in their abilities which will certainly aid them in integrating disappointments in their life normally. It will boost the child’s confidence.

Ensuring Confidence in child

Kids who have self-belief in their abilities have no fear of failure, they are keen to experiment. If the kid is small, it is better as a parent to create a situation where the kid can express himself or herself without any apprehensions.

Encourage the spirit of Adventure in a Child:

Encouraging adventure in a child will expand the child’s view on how to react to new situations on their own.

If in order to fulfil your responsibility as a parent, you will solve all the problems of your child without any expectations from them, then, it is quite possible that child will run to you on every small pretext.

developing spirit of adventure and confidence in a child

When parents themselves don’t let the child stand on their own and invest the hard work in solving their trivial issues then the child will never develop sufficient confidence to evaluate and solve their problems on the basis of their own judgement.

Developing Sports Habit in Child:

Developing good sports habit in a child is a must in today’s competitive world.

It will instill the habit of good organizational skills, acceptance of success or failure as they come and also to enjoy the spirit of teamwork.

Choose a sport or any other physical exercise undertaken by the child in the right spirit. Such activities will also lessen the risk of obesity which is on risk in today’s kids.

Let Mistakes turn into Lessons:

It’s not the end of the world if your child does a mistake. Being a parent, you should turn those mistakes into life-learning lessons for your child.

Developing the Habit of Practice:

If your child has passionate interests in something positive, so it’s your responsibility as a parent to encourage that. Praising them in their smallest of accomplishment will mean a world to your child.

Try to inculcate the habit of practice in the field in which they are passionate about. Regular practice will develop a positive competitive spirit in the child making him or her a better human being.

The most important relationship that a child enjoys from childhood is with a parent but as the children grow, their social circle starts expanding and new friendships forms.

This change can affect the relationships of children with other family members. So, as a parent, you have to teach them right from their childhood on how to keep a balance between friends and family members.

childhood friends

Advise your child in upholding the inner confidence at the same time when other people’s reaction affect them. As a parent, it is important for you to communicate the importance of traits of humanity, courtesy & also teach them to handle difficult situations.


Confidence decides the future of a child in a very big way. Morally speaking, the best gift that can be given to a child in childhood is the appropriate nurturing of confidence in a child.

With ample parental support, a child will turn into a happy, confident, prosperous as well as successful person. So, as a parent, initiate the confidence-building activities right from the childhood of your child before it is too late to turn the table.


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