Delhi University Society- Hell or Heaven?


    Don’t you dream of a perfect University that offers the right dose of study and fun? Society in Delhi University will help you in this regard. Life at delhi university greatly depends on how you have balanced between two factors. After all, college life is not only about academics (rather it is not about academics), it is also about extracurricular activities and cultural events because this is what will define your life in the next 3-4 years. Just because attendance is not compulsory (though it is said to be mandatory yet not followed), you could spend all of your time in Societies of Delhi University.


    DU provides you with a choice to choose your way i.e. any society (as described in orientation program) you want to be a part of. However, societies differ from college to college and even from department to department but still following are the societies which almost every college in Delhi University have:

    • Dance Society,
    • Music Society,
    • Theatre Society,
    • NSS,
    • NCC,
    • ENACTUS and,
    • Departmental Society (Commerce and Arts)
    just engage with any society
    just engage with any one yoy want to

    How to be a part of any Society in Delhi University?

    In the month of August almost every society, starts its recruitment drive. The chance that you would be part of that society is directly proportional to the demand for that very society in your college. You are just required to cross two levels for being a member. Firstly, clear the group discussion round and secondly, the personal interview round. No need to panic after reading about the interview because the one who is going to take your interview is also a student, basically your senior, who will also face interview for his job in next year or two. So chill and stay confident.

    How To Choose society for Yourself?

    Remember, Delhi University societies compete on a very well-trained level. As a result, they add plenty of exposure to your skill and experience. So don’t choose any society just because your crush is also heading towards there, choose because of your passion. You might join it because of a certain skill you possess or something you like to do very much, for instance, dancing, debating, singing, writing and etc. It helps you keep up in touch with your passion and even to further enhance it, because in the end what matter is your skill not mere a degree. A degree is what you would attain anyhow but in order to compete in this modern era just focus on enhancing your skill.

    Perks of being a society member:

    • Helps in bringing the missing charm of a college, which one often anticipates.
    • You get more expressive.
    • They also add to the grace of your resume (an edge in interviews, internships and jobs).
    • Confidence level boosts up just like Burj Khalifa.
    • Societies make you more presentable and social.

    Disadvantages of being a society member:

    • If you are not genuinely interested in a society then you might end up loathing your decision due to the intense competition. However, that also really depends on you, your capability that how much you can struggle from your own side.
    • In addition to this, college societies take up a lot of your time. The practice sessions are very rigorous, especially for dance and theatre societies. This can adversely affect your studies and ultimately fall in your CGPA/SGPA. During the fest season, society members hardly find any time to attend their classes. They juggle between a lot of different fests and competitions and often miss out on important lectures.
    • If you are an outstationer, it is going to be very hectic for you, because your seniors could call you anytime without any restriction.

    So If you are not a part of any society then what the hell are you doing in Delhi University?. And if you are part of any society and you (being a junior) are feeling as unpaid servants while doing the work, then you are not a part of the right society. If you are part of two or more active societies of your college, life will be very difficult for you.

    You’ll spend more hours practising than you’ll be attending the class, more time with your society mates rather than your classmates and more time filling societies attendance than studying. However, when you are promoted from junior to senior you’ll get to know about DU completely and you may want to leave it. There can be many reasons but one of the most common reasons for people to quit societies is because of some form of politics and also people in the second year either start any coaching or they start an internship.

    exposure level in society is always high
    exposure level in society will always be high

    Above all, if you want to enjoy DU life especially in the fest season don’t overthink about joining or not. At least, you should join any one of them to get practical exposure and find some ambitious friends as well. So now get ready to call your friends of SRCC in the month of February for Crossroads – the much-awaited fest of DELHI UNIVERSITY



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