Defence Startups In India

List Of The Best 10 Bizarre Defence Startups In India

As per Tribune India reports, India was the second-biggest arms merchant globally from 2015 and 2019.

The way Indian startups are getting bigger and the biggest with that goal Indian army doesn’t need to rely upon threatening countries.

In India, around 2001, the Government allowed 100% participation by the Indian private sector in defence manufacturing subject to permitting, and since then, there have been wonders in the field. 

Everything needs a beginning and a chance to prove itself. There is no limitation to your dreams and ideas so let the world see them.

So in this article, we have listed the best top 10 defence startups in India. And after going through all the defence startups, you can make sure that this is not the end, but the game has already begun.

1. Torus Robotics

defence startups in india

India’s first tech recognized startup (Torus Robotics) was founded in 2012 by Vignesh M, which aimed towards the technologies provided in defence and Aviation. 

It was acknowledged by Pioneer Defence Innovators by IDEX and provided with technologies such as Robotics, Drones, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Defence Robots, Combat Robots, Surveillance Robots, All Terrain Vehicle, UGVs, and ATV. They construct native electric engines that are half lighter, 15% more capacity, and 10% cheaper.

2. Big Bang Boom Solutions

defence startups in india,
defence startups

It was established in 2018 and founded by Dr R Shivaraman and Praveen Dwarakanath. 

This scheme includes elements –

  • AI-enabled independent tank plugins
  • Fencing strategy
  • High-explosive pellets
  • Anti-drone security practices
  • And fighting armor is essential for the military. 

Big Bang Boom has turned its activities and model to take on the Covid pandemic and has developed a remotely-operated ventilator system. 

3. Optimized Electrotech

This Ahmedabad-based Startup was founded by Sandeep Shah, Anil Yekkala, Darin Shah, Kuldeep Saxena, and Purvi Shah in 2017. Providing high-resolution detectors and cameras are features that make it a remarkable provider. 

It builds a security and surveillance system for the Indian armed forces. 

The specific advantages of Optimized Electrotech are-

  • AI-Enabled Edge Intelligence
  • Versatile to Civilian Use Industrial Imaging
  • Multi-Spectral Day-Night Simultaneous
  • Indigenously Designed Made In India
  • Facial Recognition Automated Alerts


  • Awarded as “Most Innovative Startups” by Ministry of Defence.
  • Winners of DISC-4 in IDEX
  • Winners of DISC-1 in IDEX

4. Sagar Defence Engineering

This startup was founded in 2016 by Nikunj Parashar and Mridul Babbar. 

Designed an AI-enabled gadget termed Genesis. It got into gossip due to its specific ability to perform many tasks which humans found challenging to achieve.

 The Key Features are-

  • Computerized Identification System (CIS) collect for delivery traffic area and recognizable proof and navigational help. 
  • Acoustic Sensor
  • Optical Sensor

5. EyeROV

It was established by Johns T Mathai and Kannappa Palaniappan P in 2016. It is an underwater drone startup that proves valuable in complex cases. It also provides crucial details from areas that are not easily within reach. 

It has many applications such as-

  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Shipping
  • Tracking & rescue 
  • Ports

Advantages of EyeROV are-

  • Capacity to work in exceptionally Shady Water Conditions
  • Ability to modify the ROV for Client Scope and Needs
  • Progressed Reporting Data Analytics and Visualisation Platform fueled by AI and ML
  • Exact Safer and Efficient Assessments operating Remotely Utilised Vehicles

6. Asteria Aerospace

The CO-Founders and directors are Nihar Vartak and Neel Mehta. 

An AI-based and robotics company providing drone-based solutions was founded in 2011 and is still in operation. 

The following hardware make this project a great thing to keep an eye on-

  • A200
  • AT-15
  • A410
  • Cygnus is used in industrial security, military surveillance, and powerline or pipeline monitoring.
  • Genesis is good for beyond visible line of sight operations, and it utilizes military-grade encryption for data information.

7. Tonbo Imaging

This Bangalore-based startup was founded in 2012 by Arvind Lakshmikumar, Ankit Kumar, Sudeep George, and Cecilia D’souza. It processed advanced images and data for the defence enterprise. 

Tonbo’s name came after getting inspired from 40000 eyes of a Dragon Fly, which includes features like-

  • have fast reflexes
  •  fly fast in low light situations 
  • guide through various types of surroundings

Some of the features under Tonbo Imaging are- 

  • Cooled thermal imaging
  • Shutterless Thermal Imaging
  • Real-Time Video Processing
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • Micro-Optics
  • Ultra-Low Power Hardware
  • Uncooled Thermal Imaging
  • Multi-Sensor Fusion

8. Techraion Systemworks

It Furnishes Artificial-Intelligence based solutions in defence. Founded in 2018 by Ankush Rai and Abhishek Rai, it was one of the best things added for the betterment of the military. 

It comes up with various features that fit well in today’s time and need.

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has shortlisted 16 startups for a demo day to crack its mixed challenges in collaboration with Startup India. 

9. VizExperts

Vizexperts is one the best innovative defence startups in India, Founded by Praveen Bhaniramka in year 2006. It is an innovative corporation that spotlights progressive change, geospatial insight, virtual and increased reality.

It has the following key attributes –

  • List of clients including various reputed Government and Defence 
  • The management Team contains the absolute best individuals in the space of Sales and Marketing, Research, and Development, just as Operations. 
  • Critical associations with globally presumed organizations
  • He encouraged multiple solutions to address the requirements of different government and guard associations in spaces of Virtual Reality, 3D Graphics Simulations, Visualisation frameworks, and others.

10. Dimension NXG (AjnaLens)

In 2014, Pankaj Raut, Abhishek Tomar, and Abhijit Patil founded it. They launched AjnaLens, whose focused product came as Ajnabolt presented as India’s first AI-powered mixed reality defence glasses. 

It helps efficiently specify targets, share and view missions’ live feeds, and identify marks. 

The main features its headset holds are-

  • Detailed holograms
  • Consistent with many MR applications, medical industry and construction, and invention. 
  • It coordinates with the surrounding conditions very well.

India is all set to leave prints worldwide and take the lead with all the latest innovations in the field.

The above are all top 10 defence startups in India in 2021.

As the past decade was the beginning of startup civilization in India, the upcoming time

will be massive. No wonder what comes next; maybe someone in your neighbourhood or you can bring the next most significant technology in the country that will transform the game and life of everyone. 

Be creative, Be innovative.

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