Being in any type of relationship makes it difficult for any person to figure out the extent or for the matter even the presence of Emotional Abuse.

What is emotional abuse?

When anything is spoken or done with the intention of hurting the partner mentally and physically over a period of time.

Normally, it is alright to have small quarrels but when quarrel, bullying, showing disrespect or displaying negative behavior over an extended period of time turns an ordinary relationship into an abusive one, then things take a serious turn.

Emotional Abuse in a relationship

It is possible that as a person you are not able to recognize the abusive nature of the relationship that you are in. Emotional abuse is the worst kind of abuse since it is extremely hard to detect it. The first thing to get severely affected is the self-belief of a person.

If your partner treats you of not being worthy enough or terrorizes you repeatedly, always make an attempt to disrespect you which develops an uneasy feeling that your partner might leave you in a lurch is critical symptom of emotional abuse.

Affect of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship:

Abuse in a relationship will certainly cause the victim to isolate himself or herself from the circle of friends. The tendency of isolation starts creeping in gradually so as to hide the pain. The victims develop a belief that they are not liked by anybody, so in the longer run, there is a complete withdrawal from the societal interactions.

A person develops a lot of health-related complications if he or she suffers from mental trauma in a relationship.


If your partner, refuses to mend the abusive behavior, best is to get legal aid and terminate the relationship immediately. The best thing is to activate your inner-self and see through the amotional abuse that is eating away your life.

Emotional abuse though hard to detect gets breathing space in the smallest of symptoms. In an emotionally abusive relationship, as an individual,you might feel unworthy and might get deprived of your personal freedom.

Emotional Abuse

If your partner is a habitual abuser, then there will make an attempt to isolate you from your normal surroundings by coercive behavior, intimidation and even in some extreme cases, use of physical strength.

Symptoms Of Abusive Partner:

1.There will also be attempts to put restrictions on the degree of your independence. Your partner may also try to control finances by controlling how you spend your own money, thereby, making you financially weak. Never keep quiet on any matter just for the sake of your partner who only wants to control your life.

emotional abuse

2. Any person in a relationship needs respect and equality and also own say even if it happens to be in disagreement with your partner. Be aware of people who feel proud in displaying their abusive behavior are good at scheming and they manipulate other’s emotions very easily.

3. They will anger you to the point of no-return and afterward, put the entire blame on you. Make yourself emotionally strong so that you never fall into the emotional trap.

4. It is not easy to detect emotional abuse in a relationship. If you yourself are going through an illusioned phase in your relationship and is not able to analyze whether the relationship you are into is abusive one or not, the best thing is to analyze the communication that you had with your friends, family or your partner and how you feel during the course of interactions.

emotional abuse

It will surely clear the sky of obscurity surrounding your relationships. If you feel hurt, defeated, jittery and insignificant, prospects are high that you are deep in an abusive relationship.

At times, people try to fake some relationships. At some point in life, you have to take a decision about your expectation from that relationship.

Is the relationship worthy enough in your life that you should invest emotionally in such an abusive relationship where you don’t get any respect, love, and peace?

Keep your safety at the forefront. Never fall into the trap of excuses woven around you by your deceitful partner.

Tackling Emotional Abuse:

As a first step towards tackling emotional abuse in any relationship, you have to:

1. Be Aware of the existence of such abuse in the relationship. Acknowledgment is a big step towards its resolution. Never remain in denial of your suffering, you have to be honest towards the hell that you are experiencing. It is after that only you can begin to even think of getting the hold of life back.

Never Close the Door of Communication on your Acquaintances:

2. Always keep, the mode of communication, whether with the cops, family or friends, open no matter what happens. If you have successfully put an end to the abusive relationship, is out of that mess. Close the possibilty of return of your abusive partner to return to your life.

Regular abuse will not only harm you mentally but also physically. If you are suffering from emotional abuse, always, share your problem with your close friends and family members. In case of emergency, create an emergency code, receipt of which will alert your near & dear ones.

3.It is you who has to realize first about your inability to change the mindset of your abusive partner even though you tried your best to bring a positive change in the person. Then only, you will clear the way for yourself to come out of that abusive relationship.

Don’t fall into the Apology Trap:

Your abusive partner will apologize to you multiple times but never allow your concise to go weak. Even a little engagement with a habitually abusive partner will further worsen up your situation. Think that as an individual you have given yourself another chance to heal your life as per your desires.

apology trap in emotional abuse


In the end, the most significant thing is when you are starting your life afresh, don’t let the past things get collected in the head.

Prepare yourself to welcome happier moments. If you are facing difficulty in overcoming the mental trauma that you experienced while going through the emotional abuse, profesiional help of a psychologist can be sought.


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