In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, irrespective of your percentage you land up in some 10,000 INR job. Lot of hard work, sleepless nights and lakhs of money spend on your education isn’t made worth the sacrifice. Just a being graduate isn’t enough to crack the rat race of jobs especially if you seeking for banking jobs or government ones. Here’s when an additional skill sparkles out your CV and makes you a stand out candidate.

Why not to take Coaching?

Like thousands of students who are seeking coaching from reputed institutions for cracking government, jobs are again investing a lot of their time, work and money and the result is often disappointing. Who more than, we the commercial students know that with bigger investments comes bigger expectations of profit. Where lacs are preparing for Governmental jobs only a few thousand get it. In 2018, 2.8 crores Indians sat to compete for just 90,000 Railway jobs as said by TOI. Whereas, 2.5 million sat for a vacancy of 6,000 jobs in West Bengal according to The Hindu. In Gujarat, 37 lakhs applied for 12,000 jobs. What about the rest? Do coaching helps them in the private sector? NO, and here’s why

  1. Nothing to highlight your CV
  2. Less skilled or qualified
  3. Lacking skills to sustain the job
  4. Wasting time and money over studying something that may not help you outside the Government job prospect.

Why go for Diploma courses?

Also according to RBI emphasized is put to privatize banks for improved economy and bring about a revolution in the banking sector. What then, when your coaching years won’t be of any use anymore? Here’s when Diploma courses make the cut. A year of studies gets you a lot of merits, far satisfying than coaching.

  1. Same or less amount of money invested
  2. Certificate
  3. Skill and knowledge added to the CV, helping to get better jobs.
  4. Still crack government jobs
  5. Acts as a backup plan

Other than that, this courses have many features as stated by professionals.

1. Diploma courses in Banking & Finance will impact banking and finance knowledge and skills together with technology-familiarity and customer-orientation.
2. High-quality academic rigour and specially prepared courseware.
3. Candidates undertaking the course will have comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in the subject of banking and finance. The Diploma offers practical insights into the subjects while, at the same time, emphasizes robust theoretical foundation.
4. The course will make the candidate’s job ready.
5. The course is so designed that most employers would value it for talent scouting.
6. This will ensure that banks can reduce their post-recruitment training intervention.
7. The diploma course carries professional recognition among the banking and finance community as it is equivalent to the banking industry recognized JAIIB qualification of IIBF.
8. The certification is backed by a system of high professional standards of the Institute.

But, when we exclusive talk about governmental jobs in the banking sector. We know that more and bigger banks and firms and come up, earning billions as profit, international recognition and above all offering fat pay packages to the deserving ones. Why just run behind Government jobs then?

Courses and Faculty

Like the ICMI School of Banking And Finance, they offer

  1. Advanced Diploma in Banking, Finance and HR Operations.
  2. Master Diploma in Banking, Finance and HR Operations.

All courses are certified, according to the latest syllabus and under the guidance of best in class teachers. The faculty is extremely educated and experienced in the field with an experience of over several years within field knowledge as being associated with it.

For Queries please contact-

ICMI Scool of banking and finance
ICMI School of banking and finance

Recruitment and Posts

ICMI states, “IIBF will host on its website brief resume, with photograph of all the successful candidates and make it available to its Member Banks/Institutions which include Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India and its Associate Banks, Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Co-operative Banks and IT/BPO Companies providing services to banking industry, for considering them for employment.”

With education, skills and certificate, they also provide you with the stage to expose yourself and bag the best jobs just for you. The list of potential recruiters is more than 100 and includes names like ICICI Bank, SBI and RBI.  Posts that may be offered to you include Sales Manager, Investment Banker, Risk Analyst, Loan Officer, Equity Research Analysis, and Asset Manager Etc.

Hence there are more than a million reasons to opt for a year of diploma courses rather than taking coaching.

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