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Inspiring Story Of Ditto By Finshots- Financial Newsletter Project To A Full-Fledged Insurance Startup

When Pawan Kumar Rai, Bhanu Harish Gurram, and Shrehith Karkera met at IIM Ahmedabad they came together with their interests and choices. Which was later named Ditto By Finshots.

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All of them were keen and interested in the stock market. 

Getting disappointed from what they expected to be taught in university they deduced that people don’t exactly get what they want to know regarding all these matters. They end up being misguided through several other things. Which mostly consumes their time. 

People mostly find things more hectic and not accurate at times. So after all these queries and questions in mind, they’ll come up with an idea which would change the lives of people and would prove to be beneficial to them. 

Keeping in mind about not wanting a 9-5 grind Pawan Kumar Rai, Bhanu Harish Gurram, Shrehith Karkera from IIMA alongside an IIT Delhi graduate, Lokesh Gurram brother of Harish as 4th co-founder, concluded not to do what others did and came up with a unique idea – “Simplify Monetary Data”. In this article, we have prepared the case study of finshorts – The journey of a financial newsletter to an Insurance Startup.

Finshots Newsletter

Finshots is a week-by-week wrap-up that gives a thought regarding what’s going on in securities exchanges’ financial business sectors with 3 minutes daily financial newsletter.

For the first 12 months, Finshot’s founders focussed on publishing content through newsletters and restricted it to one article per week. Facing all the rough patches they came a long way. The stage raised ₹4 crores from Zerodha in an underlying subsidising round.

It is so natural to comprehend or realise what’s going on in financial market status. With their day-to-day dose of simplified economic news, Finshots is leading at present. 

It’s a week after week blog on India’s financial exchange and the economy. Finshots is a web-based monetary news stage that conveys only one news piece a day, covering wide points including a week by week round-ups. It has north of 300,000 endorsers.

While dealing with a method for improving on financial exchanges one of the founders Bhanu understood that monetary news ought to be streamlined for millennials.

The newsletter is a better approach to get news without the need of downloading any App. Newsletters in your Inbox arrive as emails and lead you towards better content.  

But the story behind this was just something else. The way they came up with an idea. Altogether executed it in order to ease ways for people to understand finance and all. 

After one of the videos which went viral in April 2019, they came into the limelight. They knew this was something worth it and can lead ahead. 

And just after 3 months in August 2019, they launched Finshots. In collaboration with several colleges connected with finance clubs, they asked them to share it as much as possible in order to reach most people.

And the best thing was that most of the subscribers got amazing feedback. Almost all of the people became daily users of their app.  

All of this was due to the things they are providing as a team. The people trust them and are standing with them on the journey. 

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Zerodha-Backed Finshots

finshots zerodha, finshots newsletter

Nithin Kamath the founder and CEO of Zerodha on Finshots saw a video of Jet Airways business and it got his attention. Afterward, he asked to have a conversation with the minds behind it.

And it ended up on great notes, with Zerodha investing around Rs 4 crore in it. They planned on going big and bringing on the ideas for good. 

How Does FinShots Earn Money? 

A platform was built where they aimed to educate people to help them get accurate knowledge and news regarding a specific topic. Which also helped them too in a lot of ways as they were in their college years.

Composing articles every day in the most simplified language and that too providing factual details was something that made it a great concept. 

But despite all this, all the hard work, all the creativity they were not getting the revenue at the beginning. As the app was free and easy to use, the newsletter was free too, and also no ads were there. So the question arises, Where did the money come from? 

There they learned that something was needed to be done and seeking the right opportunity within the market they detected the way people were getting misled by insurance agencies. So they deduced that a lot of misinformation was running on that part and people were in lots of confusion regarding it. 

Which gave birth to their next Scheme’ DITTO INSURANCE” which came up as an agency to advise freely on what insurance an individual should receive. 

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Ditto By Finshots

ditto by finshots, how does finshots earn money, case study of finshots

Ditto with its headquarters in Bangalore was founded by Pawan Kumar Rai, Shrehith Karkera, Bhanu Harish Gurram, and Lokesh Gurram in the year 2021. It currently has a group of 30+ of what it calls protection advisors rather than a specialist. 

They don’t have an objective market for Finshots. They need to fabricate a vast local area of individuals willing to learn and comprehend monetary ideas.

Ditto is fresh out of the box new pursuit to assist clients with understanding security better and uses wise judgement with regards to monetary items. 

Intending to help users steer the complexities of insurance policies, Ditto has set up a reliable hotline and aims to-

  • Empower customers to reach them whenever with accessory queries
  • Receive 2x more open paces than email and give a consistent client experience
  • Connect with north of 1000 clients on their considerable texting application
  • Leading to help millennials drive into more promising financial decisions
  • With Ditto, you get the best insurance advice on life and health insurance.

It helps in strangling down the alternatives and helps you reach an exact choice. Aims to walk you through queries and help in making a purchase. You just don’t compare insurance with Ditto but understand it very well. 

So the trust they earned at the beginning led to the trust of people in their advice regarding Insurance. 

Whatever product they promoted or was bringing revenue to them. Whichever product they sold brought the revenue from the organisation directly to them. They targeted the clubs which were based on finance. They distributed their products freely which made it easy for them. 

So all the values they provided from the very beginning to the end and still, they are doing that. This got them some valuable assets which were the people who trusted them and promoted them. This made it possible for them to stand in the market and to provide what they want. 

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