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10 Best Blockchain Startups In India In 2022

As we look towards 2021 up to this point, it has been the most remarkable year for crypto in India. New companies are arranging to take advantage of the enormous client base of India and are putting their assets in these startups. 

‘Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day.’- Fred Ehrsam. 

These words from Fred Ehrsam are more than enough to make you understand what power Blockchain holds, so why not be prepared for it. 

They provide secure transactions, reduce compliance costs, and speed data transfer processing, including warranty surveillance and audit of the root of a product.

So with some more excitement, let’s go through the top 10 Blockchain Startups in India, which have made their way to top the list. 

  1. CoinDCX
Blockchain Startups In India,
10 Blockchain Startups in India, 

The first Crypto unicorn of India, CoinDCX, has touched new milestones in 2021. It is the most accessible spot to trade digital currencies. 

Investing in Cryptocurrency has never been this easy as it has made it. Sumit Gupta, the CEO, has always believed in the capabilities of technology and its ability to make changes in humankind. And with expanding time, everyone should add this to their portfolio. 

From FiNext Awards, India FinTech Forum, Top Blockchain startups to Indian Achievers Forum awards, CoinDCX has always proved its value. 

Specific key features – 

  • CoinDCX gives moment trades’
  • The app does not charge you any amount on withdrawals and deposits of your Cryptocurrency.
  • Bother free contributing experience.

With exceeding growth, CoinDCX is all set to bring new and unexpected changes, which in many ways is going to be the game-changer in the history of Cryptocurrency.

  1. Matic Network

Founded by Anurag Arjun, Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal in 2017. It proves to have excellent potential. It has made its place in Cryptocurrency as a prominent Indian origin at the 14’th spot on the crypto coin chart. 

Features of Matic Network-

  • It gives blockchain execution upgrade advances like sidechains, which is further helpful to expand its performance.
  • Charges, administration, and marking are taken care of through the Polygon token.
  • Their goal is to create a foundation for blockchain networks.
  1. Solulab  

Solulab is a software development corporation that creates basic websites and apps. It was founded by Chintan Thakkar(Co-Founder & Ceo).

Solulab has partner certificates with these recognized programs like Google Developer Certified Agency, Roku Development Partner, Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, 

Hyperledger Certified Service Provider,Vue.js Enterprise Partners. 

It is well recognized and has achievements such as-

  • Communicator Awards
  • Aegis Graham Bell Award For Blockchain
  • CES Innovation Award
  • Inc’s best workspaces honour in the year 2020
  • Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for innovators
  • Best ICT Company of the year award
  • Webby Awards
  • International star award in Gold Category
  • Best ICT Company of the year award
  • Best Innovative Blockchain Application 
  • Corporate Excellence Honour for company’s high standard of business conduct
  1. GovBlocks

 It is a blockchain-based poll protocol, and it is easy, open, and friendly to understand. 

It is a product by Somesh. They have established the best of on-chain and off-chain models that exist today. 

GovBlocks is among the main conventions to tokenize administration. The crew has traveled worldwide to experience conferences focusing on Blockchain technology.

It was the winner of the London Blockchain Week Hackathon 2017.

  1. WazirX

One of the most trusted Bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchanges in India. Founded by Nischal Shetty around 2017, it takes no extra cost and is simple to work with. WazirX has many features and benefits- 

  •  Earn Discounts after paying WRX 
  • It is the most trusted and go-to trade for merchants in the nation
  • WazirX, being a P2P stage, auto-matches the purchaser to the vendor to conjure an exchange by going about as an escrow.

It has a lot of potentials and will grow with flying colors soon. It can build robotization frameworks utilizing state-of-the-art advancements.

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  1. Somish

Ish Goel, a well-known CEO & Director, found it in 2006. It has been confirmed to be one of India’s foremost blockchain development assistance organisations. 

It is an innovation and item improvement organisation.

Security Features of Somish-

  • Two-factor authentication protocol
  • Safe login PIN ensures validated admittance to a client account.
  • Logout conference on the occasion of a customer staying idle for a specific time frame period.
  • Multi-Signature Support
  • Biometric technology
  1. Primechain

It was founded by Shinam Arora in 2016. This Pune-based startup seeks to build a blockchain for a better planet. This initiative will lead the country towards a better tomorrow.  

It operates a BankChain people group of banks for investigating, constructing, and carrying out blockchain arrangements.

Primechain Technologies will conduct the global economic and social revolution by contributing in- 

  • Minimising fraud and maximising efficiency
  • Financial technologies
  • Security & clarity in supply chains
  • Healthcare
  • Global capital plans
  • Democratic elections
  • Fuel trading, electronic record authentication
  • Delivery of Government services

Primechain APIs make it relatively easy for engineers to add blockchain power to estate and other frameworks.

  1. DarwinLabs

Founded in 2016 by passionate people like Sahil Baghla, Nikunj Jain, and Ayush Varshney. It seeks to build products that are honoured and treasured by people. 

Features of darwinLabs- 

  • Highly Secured. 
  • Trustworthy
  • AI-Powered
  • Scalable & Elastic Solutions

The technology focuses on delivering fast application delivery, high-quality resolutions, and increases the efficiency and time of the market. 

  1. MindDeft

This Ahmedabad-based startup was founded by Krunal Soni in the year 2015. It is focused on creating blockchain applications for effective corporate cycles.

The features offered are-

  • Security token offering
  • Smart Contract Auditing
  • Stablecoin development 
  • Custom Blockchain development 
  • Smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrency creation
  • Distributed ledger
  • Private blockchain
  1. InstaDapp

InstaDApp is a decentralised application established on Ethereum that associates various distinctive decentralised money conventions.

Sowmay Jain, with Co-Founder and CTO Samyak Jain, founded it in 2018. It allows users to get easy access to asset monitoring and control.

InstaDapp quickly identifies how to join the protected and decentralised parts of a blockchain with a concentrated stage for resources on the board.

These are some of the best startups that lie in Blockchain Startups, and you must know. 

  1. What Is a Blockchain?

    According to Investopedia,
    A blockchain is a distributed database that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. As a database, a blockchain stores information electronically in digital format. Blockchains are best known for their crucial role in cryptocurrency systems, such as Bitcoin, for maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions.

  2. Why is there so much hype around blockchain technology?

    There have been many attempts to create digital money in the past, but they have always failed The issue is trust! If someone creates a new currency called the X dollar, how can we trust that they won’t give themselves a million X dollars, or steal your X dollars for themselves? Bitcoin was designed to solve this problem by using a specific type of database called a “Blockchain”. Most normal databases, such as an SQL database, have someone in charge who can change the entries. Blockchain is different because nobody is in charge; It’s run by the folks who use it. What’s more, bitcoin can’t be faked, hacked, or double-spent. So people that own this money can trust that it has some value

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