Before starting an E-Mail Marketing Campaign, there are many aspects that need to be looked upon for setting up an E-Mail Marketing strategy which will be beneficial for the business.

It is important to integrate E-Mail Marketing in your overall Social Media campaign. More than 60% of people or consumers use E-Mail as their preferred mode of professional as well as personal communication.

Don’t miss the opportunity to initiate communication with people as its an extremely cost-effective way for any organization or business to have meaningful engagement with customers, gaining their confidence and ultimately conversion into sales.

E-Mail Marketing Campaign


● We need to have a very compact approach to getting accurate results. Such is the phenomenal craze of an E-Mail Marketing campaign that the rate of ROI have increased exponenetially.

You need to know what is the objective that you want to achieve and chart out a course for its achievement. Developing a constructive engagement with the subscribers should be on top of your mind.

Analyze the Subscriber’s Insight:

The level of your analyzation depends on how long you have been associated with E-Mail Marketing. If you are experienced enough, you must be having full knowledge of the subscriber’s behaviour.

For the beginners in this particular field of digital marketing, you first have to gather the subscribers, build a strong E-Mail list and when after a considerable amount of time, you can easily analyze the subscribers’ insight and how you need to change your E-Mail Marketing strategy.

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Developing E-Mail List:

Develop your E-Mail list to generate leads. It is crucial for you as a company to develop a list. Offer incentives which generate value. For this purpose, you can also use the pop-up feature.

One important thing that you have to keep in mind is that never generate the E-Mail list for your campaign by means of purchase. There is a high possibility that the lists you have purchased can be fake and if they are used, they end up in the Spam folder or get deleted automatically.

Best option in developing the E-Mail list is to it in an organic way. Organic way is the method in which the people have themselves provided their E-Mail Address, either by way of contact or out of curiosity to subscribe to your E-Mail Marketing campaign. The % of deliverability of E-Mails is much higher with Organic E-Mail list.

Dealing with Current Subscribers:

● Never forget to take care of the subscribers that are currently in your E-Mail List. They are the strength of your E-Mail Marketing Campaign because it is this set of subscribers who with full loyalty promote your campaign further in their business and social circle.

So, always make it a point to express gratitude to your current subscribers by offering them the best deals which will prove valuable for them.

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Apply The Technique of Split-Testing:

● Apply the technique of Split-testing for testing your E-Mail Marketing Campaign. It will provide you the solutions for any aberrations that might have occurred during the course of your campaign.

A subject line is that part of your E-Mail campaign which attracts people to open the E-Mail. It has a big hand to increase the percentage of Open rate of your E-Mail. Nature of the subject line should be such that it is able to generate curiosity from the receiver of the E-Mail. The subject line should be so appealing to the recipients that they without a second thought starts working on the call-to-action (CTA) requested by the E-Mail.

Split testing in E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Split Testing can provide a solution or suggestion to improve the subject line. Evaluate varied approaches to measure what works best for the different set of audiences. If the influencers are amongst your target audience then you can write their name in the subject line so as to develop strong communications with them.

● Add a personal touch to E-Mail campaign.

Personalization increases open rate. It means that if your campaign is more personalized, more and more people will open your E-Mail. As a result, leading to more conversion from the E-Mail. You can also make a request to your subscribers to give their feedback. For this purpose, you must integrate a feedback form which should be simple in design and structure.

● Create SEO CONTENT for your website which will further augment the visibility of your company/business.

E-Mail Marketing Campaign

● Segmentation, Automation, and Data Integration (SAD)

SAD are 3 aspects of personalized marketing strategy that must be taken care of while designing an E-Mail Marketing Campaign. Prior to the actual execution of your campaign, it is advisable to divide the subscribers according to their demographics, interests, geographical location and psychological behaviour. Segmentation is important because then only you will be able to decide what kind of content needs to be sent to the subscribers accordingly.

Don’t Ignore Designing aspect of E-Mail Marketing Campaign:

While working on E-Mail Marketing Campaign, take care of the designing aspect of E-Mail. It is very crucial that how an E-Mail is presented to the people or subscribers.

The designing, colours, font type and the kind of template which is used forms an integral part of marketing effort. All these elements play an important role in catching the subscribers’ attention. E-Mail design should be engaging enough so as to expand the attention span of people towards the E-Mail that have been sent to them.


Set up Automated E-Mails. Triggering Automated E-Mails based on action taken by people visiting the website. Following are the types of Automated E-Mails that you can set up based on visitor’s action:

  1. Welcome E-Mail

Welcome E-Mail is a significant part of your overall E-Mail Marketing Campaign for the reason that it is they who determine the strength of the campaign. You can start the engagement by sending Welcome E-Mail to the people who have subscribed to your E-Mail newsletter.

Generally, Welcome E-Mails are set in Automated mode and are dispatched as soon a person Sign-Up for the campaign because the promotional campaign is still afresh in people’s mind. Make the recipients aware of the nature of E-Mails they will be receiving, the frequency & how they can communicate with you in case of any query.

2.ThankYou E-Mail

3.Educational E-Mail

4. Transactional E-Mail

5.Abandonment Cart E-Mail

6.Milestone E-Mail

7. Promotional E-Mail


● You can attempt to recover the prospective leads by composing Abandonment E-mail which is triggered generally after a couleof ours, 2 or even 3 days after abandoning the cart.

In such types of E-Mail, a link that takes a person directly to the cart along with the detail of what was being purchased is also included.


● You can Re-engage with the customers who left in between by offering them an attractive ‘win back’ scheme.

First of all, make an offer, then send a reminder about it, by posting a query about it whether or not they want to receive any sought of communication. If the response is negative, then consider removing them from your list.

Most of the people, nowadays, use their mobiles to search for information about anything. Don’t miss that angle, keep it on top of your list.

● Evaluate the effectiveness of your E-Mail Marketing Campaign regularly. It will help in increasing its actual productivity. For measuring the success of a campaign, evaluate the parameters of the open rate (% of E-Mail opened) & click reach rate (total people who read the content after clicking on the link).

However, both the parameters of an E-Mail Campaign are measured over a particular set of time. Based on that measured activity, you can create a different segment for your audience

Frequency of E-Mail Communication:

● Look at the frequency with which you dispatch E-Mail communication to your target audience. Loyal subscribers or customers might be cool with getting regular communication but in excess of that might create a kind of friction, so always be thoughtful in the frequency of E-Mail.

Sending bulk of E-Mails to the subscribers can cause their automatic movement directly to the Spam folder which can prove negative for your campaign.

While designing your E-Mail Marketing Campaign, you can give the choice to subscribers to opt for the frequency of E-Mail communication that they would like to receive from you. For Instance, Frequency can be set to Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Once in a week.

Test the E-Mail list you have so as to see which subscriber is responsive towards your E-Mail Marketing Campaign. Prolonged absence of any communication form the side of subscriber can result in removal.


No matter whichever, technique you employ to create a successful E-Mail Marketing Campaign, it is crucial to take note of the timing in which you are going to launch your campaign as bad timing can undermine all your hard work in creating and promoting the campaign.

E-Mail Marketing Campaign is an ever-growing aspect of Digital Marketing. Its success and failure are known only when the campaign is in execution mode. As per the first phase of the result, you can experiment differently, according to the requirement or purpose of your campaign.


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