Is the battle of Winterfell over? Are all the dragons dead? Did that really just happen? Who else died? Is Bran okay? Did Theon make it out alive? What about Lyanna? Does the battle end? Did the Night King succeed? Is the world captured by the dead? Is it really over?


Game of Thrones has never failed to leave its viewers baffled and reeling for more. So, it doesn’t come off as a surprise when the third episode of the finale had us all gasping at the turn of events. This particular episode aka The Battle of Winterfell, took 55 nights to shoot, making it one of the most iconic episodes of the series. 

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Though it’s the ending of the battle that shocked us all. It won’t be wrong to say that no one saw it coming. D&D explained in the extra-credits why they chose and went ahead with that particular ending, claiming that this was one course of action that they wanted to use since the beginning of the plot, as it was something no one would expect, and boy were they right! 



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This episode is hands down one of the most creatively directed and put together episode in GOT’s history (Battle of the Bastards is a close second, of course). The background score and the feeling of never-ending doom could be felt from the beginning, there were moments when we all felt that this is never going to end and every single one of them is going to die. 

Having to watch our favorite characters face the huge army of the dead, that just kept marching towards the Castle of Winterfell, crushing and killing whatever came its way, was exceptionally nerve-wrecking and never ending. It was as if R.R Martin has taken a piece out of the Zombie Apocalypse and unleashed it at us. 

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But it does come to an end. The long battle against the dead is finally over and so is the anticipation of whether the main characters would survive it or not. 



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The Night King is defeated, in a way that no one could have predicted. Everyone expected Jon to kill him or Bran to manipulate him. But no one could have imagined Arya attacking and killing him for good, making it a perfect ending.

To some of us it might come off rather unrealistic for her to show up by the tree like that but if you have paid attention to her journey in the show then you know she is a seasoned killer who knows how to sneak up to her enemies. Earlier in the episode, she managed to sneak out of the library when the wights were after her, confirming to the belief that she is skilled at what she does.

Arya killing the night king

Arya Stark is the star of this episode; she has never failed to amaze us by her bravery and warrior skills. She knows how and where to stick it with the pointy end and successfully kills the blue-eyed Night King. This episode has proved why Arya has remained a fan-favorite for so long.


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Fans all over the world heaved a sigh of relief when none of the Starks were killed this time (emphasis on this time). However, we were left devastated at the loss of some very important and legendary characters in the battle.

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Lyanna Mormont’s death was one of the most iconic moments, she fought till her last breath and looked the giant wight in the eye as she stabbed a dragon glass through it. While, Red Woman’s appearance was somehow one of the most shocking elements of the episode. She fulfilled her purpose to the lord of light and contributed in the war. So did Beric, by saving Arya’s life and helping her kill the Night King.

Speaking of purpose, Theon Greyjoy fulfilled his by sacrificing himself to save Bran, and Jorah did the same for Dany. These were the moments when we saw loyalty and redemption at its finest. Both of these characters have gone through their fair share of rough journey and the development in their character has been remarkable.


Now that the Night King is defeated and no winter is awaiting them, Daenerys is back to her goal i.e., getting the Iron Throne. Although it seems rather easy now, we still have quite a few tricky aspects to face.

Jon and Dany
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Jamie’s alliance is one of them, he promised to fight for the living but it was never clear whether he’ll fight against Cersei. Then we have Bronn who may or may not kill the Lannister brothers on their beloved sister’s command. And finally we have Dany denying the reality of her relationship with her nephew aka Jon Snow whose Targaryen secret is still under the wraps.

The Battle of Winterfell is over but there are more battles to be fought and won. It’s going to be interesting to see how everything unfolds in the next episode and who wins the Iron Throne.

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