The Central Government of India has historically taken its kernel decision on national security by the scrapping of Article 370, abrogating Article 35A and bifurcating erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories. Ladakh is now a separate union territory from J&K. By doing so India has finally established its image as ‘Result-oriented’ and action stringent nation in the world which can use the whole government power to fulfill its decision for the nation’s interest even when there are dissent voices. Indian Government’s radical move in J&K issue is somehow reminiscent with the Communist Chinese Government. 

Article 370 scrapped from Kashmir

The Chinese have been battling an ideological battle in International Arena that democratic countries are weaker than the communist governments. International politics is autonomous of domestic politics obligations. In the International Arena, everything is about power. Because of the democratic structure of the nation, liberty of people, freedom of speech, dissent and multi-party or bi-party systems the democratic government cannot use its power to the fullest to attain its nationalist agenda or goal. The communist Chinese government is very well-known for its power to take any radical decision, there is very limited liberty to people to take their domestic decisions let alone the national ones. And there is no freedom of the press in China to address any issues that are not in accord with the government’s agenda. Domestically Chinese civilians may not have a good life there as the data also shows negative migration in China. Pollution levels are increasing in China, the quality of education is deteriorating, the rich-poor hiatus has widened and a slew of other such issues. But on the other hand, it is very powerful and beneficial for China’s international and national interest. China has manipulated everything its people and all its resource to endeavor to become an economic superpower by 2020. And it has usurped its large number of population from poverty and has already been in a direct trade war with Superpower America. And there is discourse in America on this that Democracy and its freedom of the press are making its government weaker than China.    

India this time has shown China that even in a democratic nation a government can have enormous power to take radical decisions single-handedly even if there is dissent when it overwhelmingly enjoys mass support from people. As this government is powerful as it enjoys this much power from the will of the people itself. The move has slammed its two non-liberal and intolerant countries China and Pakistan with their illegitimate claims on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and China Occupied Kashmir or Aksai Chin. China has suddenly sensed that India can soon endeavor to take back Aksai Chin which is actually a part of India, inherited from Britishers during the post-independence era. India has also included Aksai Chin area into its new territorial map giving insecurity to China who has no legitimate claims on Aksai Chin and China has only misused Aksai Chin to suppress the religious freedom of others as it is very intolerant towards different cultures. India has every right to make claims on Aksai chin and endeavor to free it from shackles of China.

China gets worried for Aksai Chin after Article 370 gets abrogated

In India, the move was supported by a large no.of people though there were also voices of dissent. While some are rejoicing the move and seeing it as a positive step towards the complete integration of Kashmir in India and dawn of potential development in the valley. Previously, Article 35A legally halted the people from other parts of India to buy land in Kashmir due to which the prices of land were not increasing. But now with the removal of Article 35A people can buy land in Kashmir. This move is significant from the viewpoint of investment because the cheaper land in Kashmir is likely to attract investors from other states to set up industries and companies in Kashmir which can boost to the valley’s employment leading to de-escalation of terrorism, insurgency, and separatist activities. The government will soon endeavor to organize a business summit in Valley to attract investors. And with this process of upsurging in land investment activities in Kashmir, the land prices will experience enhancement benefitting local people. Also, the homogeneous cultural environment of J&K will change into a multicultural environment which is the spirit of India. Obviously, the move is a big jerk to the Indian Neighbour Pakistan notorious of its Terrorism funding activities.

Laskar-i-toiba gets mad after India makes article 370 non-functional

 The former Pakistan President Parvesh Mussaraf have already made the controversial acceptance of having supporting jihadis militants to thrive terrorism. The provisions of Article 370 and 35A were used by Pakistan to run its agenda of incepting Anti-Indian sentiments in Kashmiris mind and mobilizing Kashmiri People for separatism and insurgency. The Kashmir issue was the oxygen supply for Pakistani Politicians who used it for their benefits in the domestic arena of politics and elections. A liberal Pakistani journalist wrote an article about how Pakistan use to run its propaganda of ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’. Pakistani children are brainwashed by media that striving to make Kashmir a part of Pakistan is what makes one Nationalist right from when they do not even know what is bigotry and hatred. Like most Politicians across the globe, Pakistani Politician also uses religion as an effective instrument in their domestic politics and to divert the mind of Pakistani Civilians from issues of Development.

While on the other hand some people are sensing hostility and forbidden attributes from this move and alleging the move as a cardiac blunder to change the demographics of Kashmir and to incept the identity crisis and cultural discrepancies by mixing the culture by non-natives Kashmiris which may further provoke extremist of the valley which may lead to unrest and have dire consequences of furthering the extremism in Kashmir. Domestic politics are so unpredictable that the fate of Kashmiri civilians and security personnel cannot be thought of now by us but will be analyzed by our future generation. This decision can be or cannot be a legitimate decision as pertinent questions on the procedure adopted to achieve the goal by the government through down locking the valley, arresting local political leaders and cutting communication sources were seen as a humiliation of Kashmiri civilians by some people and which also has sparked the protest.

Article 370 and kashmir

But it was necessary if we take into consideration of withdrawal of America from Afghanistan. The Trump has promised to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iran. And as America’s elections are approaching next year, Trump wants to fulfill its portfolio’s agenda in any way. The diplomacy with Pakistan has thus been significant for America as Pakistan has both geographical and diplomatic proximity to both Afghanistan and Iran which can help America achieve its agenda. Pakistan being in good relations with the Taliban has helped America to bring Tablian on tables of talk with America. Withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan within one year through all talks and diplomacy with the Taliban can pave the way to new opportunities for cross- border terrorism. When In 1989 Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan happened, ISI deployed its Jihadist Proxies into the Valley to upsurge insurgency into the valley causing despicable violence into the valley.

Article 370 and National Security

The central government has cited the decision as a key strategy to deliver the promise of development and peace to Kashmiri civilians once the militaristic environment is lifted. The Indian government can provide special sops to Kashmiris to take them into confidence. Even the undemocratic China provides special sops to the disputed area of Tibet in China like giving relaxation to Tibetans from China’s One-Child Policy just to win their confidence. Hope Kashmiris too embrace India’s Constitution and integrity of all people in Kashmir Valley and also Peace be in the valley. Similarly, we should also embrace our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. We as Indians should move ahead of religion and accept being Indian as our most superior and ultimate identity. Anybody who has faith in our constitution and is ahead of religious bigotry and cultural indifferences will cherish the idea of ‘Cohesive Nation’ – a nation which cannot be divided by religious and cultural differences. We as Indians should celebrate our land as ‘multi-culturalism’ hub and our unity in diversity which is distinctive to our nation. One Nation, One Constitution, One Flag – ‘ Akhand Bharat’ Jai Hind.

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