An Outstationer at DU – Fallen between two stools


    Hey, outstationer have you attended an orientation program at DU? If not you will very soon. And, its time to buckle up because you are soon going to be addicted of listening to your mother always saying “jab mere aage hi itna phone chalata h to wha to koi rokne wala bhi nhi h”. One of the biggest dreams of every Indian student is to be graduated certainly, from Delhi University, irrespective of college and course. For which they burn the midnight oil until the efforts meet results. Finally, after getting the title of DUite the real journey of an outstationer begins.

    It is a very emotional moment when you pack your bags and head towards Delhi (hundreds of km away from your hometown ) the very next morning, which any Delhiite can’t relate to. On one hand, you want to live with your family in that old bricked building and on the other hand you want to enjoy DU life. So You have to choose one, fortunately or unfortunately. Because hey outstationer, you can’t have the best of both worlds. So tie your shoe laces, pack up your bags and get ready for a roller coaster ride in Delhi University. In the long way to Delhi, suffering from mood swings? Mummy papa ki yaad aari hai? A bit nervous and at the very same time exited too? Then calm down buddy it’s natural.

    PG at North Campus for an Outstationer

    In some elite colleges of North campus an outstationer can accommodate in hostels only if you find your name in hostel list but if you don’t manage to get hostel there is nothing to worry about because North campus is a hub of PGs. Students Inn, offers the best accommodation near north campus. These PGs provide locations closest to universities, transport links, food joints, market places so you never miss a thing. Also, they are the most reliable, safe, easily available and feasible accommodation, you can choose. Further, the facilities they provide to an outstationer is as par to international standards. Moreover, they provide facilities like swimming pool, gaming area, 4 times buffet meal, in-room TV, wi-fi, gym, dropping facility at selected locations, 24*7 on-site security to name a few. What else you need now? However, cost varies on facilities.

    pg life is not less than heaven for an outstationer
    pg life is not less than heaven for an outstationer

    PG at South Campus for an Outstationer

    But, if you are a South campus student searching for PGs, then an outstationer can find best PG near South Delhi. Thus there is always a high demand for accommodation in areas like Kalkaji, Satyaniketan, Lajpat Nagar, Dhaula Kuan, GK. Single occupancy costs Rs 10,000 to 20,000 per month while multiple occupancies cost Rs 2500-7000. You might be feeling that living in these areas might burn a hole in your pocket, but my friend there are several advantages as well. Firstly, medical facilities are not an issue as leading hospitals like AIIMS and Safdarjung are just a few kilometres away. In addition, feel like shopping? A ride to South Ex, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar will quench your thirst. You can visit the Select City Walk or the GK-II M-Block market for an upmarket feel.

    an outstationer's life at pg
    an outstationer’s life at pg


    INDEPENDENT SOUL – decision maker

    Its the same feeling as getting free from the handcuffs. After your board exams are over, you are trying to create your path towards independent life, and the wait is over. You are now free to take certain decisions which you never used to while living with your family. Just because you were living with your family till now, you are not familiar with The Real Environment and The hardship out there.

    Now you would be facing some real challenges of life and would come to know that life is not always a cakewalk. However, these hardships make an outstationer rough and tough (the biggest advantage) making him ready to deal with difficult situations in life. You are the master of your own life now, so take decisions wisely because your single decision has a direct relation with your upcoming career.

    NO DEADLINES – enjoy late evening

    There’s deadline concept in college hostels for an outstationer which is quite disturbing but PGs have this additional perk of loose time deadlines which would help you to have fun, hang out till late evening or even go for part-time job or internships.

    This is one of the biggest freedom you enjoy because in your hometown your father acts as a watchdog, whether you enter your home at the given time or not, but here you are a free independent soul. And trust me its a great feeling. However, you should always know your limits and the trust and faith that your family have bestowed upon you. Done let them down. Never, Ever.

    an outstationer chill with friends
    an outstationer chilling with friends

    BUDGET MASTERS – saving is the life

    Now you would come to know the real value of money. PG life makes an outstationer responsible and self-reliant too because now you have to act as a master of laundry, daily expenses, additional food, transportation etc. So you become pretty good at savings too.

    Apart from these advantages, it is worth mentioning about DISADVANTAGES as well because every coin has two Sides.

    HOME – major missing

    It could be very difficult for you to cope up with the new environment or say with a roommate, because of differences in cultural, religion or any kind of background. After all, home is home no other thing could take its place.

    TIME WASTAGE – Delhi to hometown and vice versa

    Mostly an outstationer’s time is wasted from travelling hometown to Delhi and after a week or maybe two, from Delhi to hometown back. And the cycle goes on. For instance on every occasion or at the time of fest an outstationer just run back to his family, after all Home Sweet Home it is.

    an outstationer-delhi to home and vice versa
    an outstationer-delhi to home and vice versa

    ADDICTION  – no one cares

    You may be distracted to some addictions that persist in Delhi because you cannot deny that no one can take care of you as your mom did and unfortunately, your mom can’t be with you here every time. But dear outstationer don’t forget your goals and dreams and more importantly above all don’t forget your family is waiting there for you to come back with flying colours.

    hey outstationer your family is waiting for you.
    hey outstationer your family is waiting for you.

    Remember don’t judge the book by its cover, things are not always as they seem, after all, you are in Delhi so be cautious while you are choosing your PGs and roommates because you have to spend your next three years with them. But at the same time remember the early bird catches the worm (first comes, first served). If you arrive early you will have the best options to choose from. If you come late though, the best PGs would be full. And get ready to listen “jab mere aage hi itna phone chalata h to wha to koi rokne wala bhi nhi h” from your mom because this dialogue is an integral part of an outstationer’s life.

    All the best for a new journey of your life in Dil walon ki Dilli.