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10 Top AI Startups In India That Are Leading Their Way Towards 2022

In a current Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2021 by Stanford University, India stood at the sixth spot in The Global Vibrancy Ranking 2020. 

Artificial Intelligence is becoming the face of everything with time. It has set its roots around from education to health or other things. And India has proved that it is all set to slay with its AI- technologies. 

“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”


Indian startups have shown a rapid increase in their developments and advancements in the field. It will give the greatest of inventions to the world with this accuracy and outcome very soon. 

So let’s look down into the list of 10 top AI startups in India which are all set to lead the year with a big bang.- 


AI Startups In India, 
top AI startups in India,, AI Startups

Founder- Anik Das, Jaya Kishore Reddy, Rashid Khan, and Raghu Ravinutala 

Founded in the year- 2016

One of the fast growing ai startups in Bangalore. Previously it was known as Yellow Messenger. It provides voice and chatbot services to corporations that attempt to automate customers’ experiences. 

The no-code platform offers their customers to create individual chatbots. It comes under the list of conversational AI startups in India due to its specific features. 

The amount their investors have put on them is over $102.2 million. Something remarkable happens when a good company meets great investors, and is an existing example. 

The company has an eye on the other journey and provides customers with the best service. 


2. NIRAMAI Health Analytix

Founder- Geetha Manjunath

Founded in the year- 2016 

NIRAMAI has developed a clever programming-based medical gadget that detects breast cancer. This top form of the disease is fatal, and its diagnosis is difficult. But NIRAMAI Health Analytix has made it somehow possible to see at an earlier stage. This ai startup in Bangalore is excellent hope for humankind. 

Thermalytixpowered by AI this is a computer-aided diagnostic machine. 

Its trial depicted the following criteria-

  1. About 70% higher values in the prediction of visual interpretation of thermography.
  2. 27% higher precision rate than mammography.
  3. 30% effectiveness in people visiting the diagnostic centre regarding discomfort and breast-related issues. 


3. SynergyLabs 

Founder- Jayavardhan Bn 

Founded in the year- 2016

SynergyLabs are a Product-first organisation in an AI-first world.

They have a specialisation in building products backed by top-of-the-line innovation. 

The organisation knows what makes their product ‘Great’ and brings technology to level up things.

Key features of the company are-

  1.  Mobile App Development Services
  2.  WebApp Development Services
  3.  Development Services of iOS App
  4. Using Social Media for Maximising App Marketing 


4. Staqu Technologies

Founders- Anurag Saini, Chetan Rexwal Atul Rai, and Pankaj Kumar Sharma

Founded in the year- 2015

Staqu Technologies is a Gurugram established AI-powered audio & video analytics startup, Using the lead item JARVIS.

(Joint AI Research For Video Instances and Streams) they observe and identify criminals via CCTV cameras.

With an increasing rate of crimes every day, this technology is a great initiative. Recently not only the police but they are also providing helps to other private sectors and providing security to them. 


5. Safe Security

Founder- Rahul Tyagi, Vidit Baxi, Saket Modi 

Founded in the year- 2012

The objective of the association was to assist organisations in preventing cyberattacks. 

It has the following traits – AI For Improved Performance, Assemble Logistics Processes Quickly, Artificial Intelligence For Rule-based Decisions, Business Process Management Engine, and Instant power of mobility. 

In 2019 they shifted the headquarters from India to the United States. The framework they established was SAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises). 

The fundamental framework is AI-powered, and it permits safe security to find the safety level of the company at micro or macro levels.  


6. FarEye 

Founder- Gaurav Srivastava, Kushal Nahata and Gautam Kumar,

Founded in the year- 2013 

This FarEye is an AI-powered delivery management platform. The founders were encountered by the idea of a startup while doing their studies. 

They came up with a SaaS-based solution for the problems they noticed. And now they assist e-commerce and delivery corporations to manage their supply chain and logistic arrangement. They assist the organisations in making choices like how many drivers they require in an area. 

At present, the startup is used by 30+ countries with a total of $150.7 million investments by the investors.



Founder- Gaurav Bubna, Shaolin Zheng, and Ajay Bulusu

Founded in the year- 2020 is a piece of guide information + AI platform. 

It guides the companies managing location data and embraces an AI-first method at scale for each utilisation case and landscape. 

They are solving problems in scale and have brought up the first-ever decentralised and modular apps.

They Provide – 

  1. Accurate ETA’s 
  2. Hyper-optimised maps 
  3. Hyperlocal road rules 
  4. Optimised route batching 


8. Mad Street Den

Founder- Ashwini Asokan

Founded in the year- 2016

They were founded in Chennai by a Husband-Wife duo, Anand Chandrasekaran, Ashwini Asokan, and Costa Colbert. First, they started it in Chennai. 

They later shifted the headquarters to the United States and laughed at It helped them monitor the behaviour of shoppers on little and specific things. Afterwards, the information helped them recommend products to the customers. 

After launching in 2021, the companies became AI-native, which helped maintain customer experience and data. 


9. GreyOrange

Founder- Aakash Gupta, CO-Founder & CEO Samay Kohli

Founded in the year- 2011

This Robotics startup from Haryana has its headquarters in Singapore. You can call it a future startup as it holds a lot in the upcoming time. 

It has come a long way from providing end-to-end automation to logistics and warehouses and being flexible to users. 

The robots operated here are more versatile than other robots. It is due to the Ai-powered intellect (Grey Matter), which connects them and enables them to communicate every time. And make all the decisions combined. 


10. Emotix

Founder- Prashant Iyengar, Chintan Raikar, and Sneh Vaswani 

Founded in the year- 2015

It is a Mumbai-based AI-powered startup that makes robots for children. 

These robots are comprised of computer vision and facial recognition, and it allows them to understand the kids and what their expressions tell, enabling meaningful conversations between them. 

It was created with a few important languages to make the conversation and talk to people from around 140 nations. 

The important investors are- 

  1. Chiratae Ventures
  2. YourNest Venture Capital
  3. Stride Ventures
  4. Technology Venture Investors

These were on the list of AI-powered Indian startups with a long way to go and ace. Artificial Intelligence allows organisations to intelligently handle all the operations and make decisions that bring out the best products. 

Modern techniques are required to opt. It is also important to keep up with what is going around. 


Is AI in demand in India?

The AI-based careers and choices have come to a rise in past years. The need for AI aptitudes has creased in the past three years, and the careers in AI have topped due to extending needs of digitally transformed industries. 

If you look down, you will see that every sector has been up with it in recent time and it deserves to be a part of them too. 

Agriculture, Healthcare, Transport, Education and Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Manufacturing, Banking, Business, Hospitality everywhere AI is so much in need. 

How can I learn artificial intelligence?

As we know Internet allows us to learn anything online. You can learn AI with Google AI or Stanford University – Machine Learning.
Then you can implement all the learning in your own projects to apply. Or you can find internships and join them to learn more.

What is the salary of artificial intelligence in India?

Sallary is based upon the years of experience in this field. So as a beginner the average sallary is 7-8 lakh per annum in India. It can go up with your other skill sets.

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