11 Successful People To Whom Success Came Late but Stayed

Ever felt too Old to achieve Something New?

The success achieved at a young age can invite a fortune of pats on the back! But have you ever paused and wondered about those minds and personalities who bagged success at a later age in life, and that too after the lapse of the so-called youth of their lives? Don’t they deserve bigger applause? Even after facing innumerable failures and rejections in their fields of work, these people never gave up and eventually made their own mark among the humongous population on earth.

It is always about that fire in the heart that provokes one to achieve his or her dreams and be known by one’s own name even after they cease to exist one day.

Get inspired by one and many

Inspiration has always been a boost towards success in anyone’s life and what is better than some living exemplary personalities at hand? So listed here, are some ambitious and dauntingly successful people who can turn your life and set you on a roller-coaster ride to victory.

  • Charles Darwin – The father of Genetics. Who doesn’t know this scientist? He is the one who revolutionized the universe of Biological Sciences. His theories touched every nook and cranny of his field and beyond, noted of all being The Theory of Evolution. This man had completed half a century of his life struggling for a breakthrough invention to come along. In 1859, his book Origin of Species got published and bought him the world’s recognition. His proposition that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors, is now widely accepted and considered a strong pillar of science.
Charles darwin
Charles Darwin
  • Jeff Bezos – He was a man into the world of computers and academics. He had a lucrative package in a career in IT and worked in various financial firms. But money cannot be everything a man wants to acquire in life, happiness is a key factor. This man, at the age of 31, launched an e-commerce site, Amazon and gradually descended into a new world of business. Today Amazon is one of the leading jargons in its field and a man in his thirties made it happen one fine day.
jeff bezos
Jeff Bezos
  • Terry Alan Crews – Remember Jefferson, the Sargent from the 99th precinct? Yes, that Terry Crews got recognition in the field of entertainment at quite a later age but got very famous in the course of time. He has mostly done comedy shows and ones like “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” which got him several awards. He is also an advocate for women’s rights and a social-activist against prevalent sexism in society.
Terry Crews
  • Martha Stewart – Stewart, a normal working lady at Wall Street owned a Connecticut catering firm. She got immense recognition and success after the age of 41. Her first publication, Entertaining, and next Martha Stewart Living brought her real success in all senses.
Martha Stewart
  • Dwayne Johnson – Dwayne Johnson changed his career more than once in search of success. Before being a part of the entertainment industry, he was a very famous name in the field of sports. He ditched his football career later and joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1996 at the age of 24. This, in turn, led him to stardom and opened avenues for him to move over to TV and movies in the early 2000s. Dwayne is now a part of the famous franchise Fast and Furious and has acted in several other notable Hollywood movies.
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
  • Stan Lee – The godfather of Marvel Comics, did not create his first comics until late 39, The Fantastic Four comics. During his early life, he worked in many part-time jobs like writing obituaries for a newspaper. In his school life, at the age of 15, he realized after participating in a writing competition that he had an inclination towards write-ups. Long after that, he became the co-creator of MCU and made several special appearances in the Marvel movies. His movies rocked the box office a countless number of times. Some of these blockbusters are Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity Wars etc. Last year in the month of November this genius creator breathed his last.
  • John Glenn – He is best known for being the first American astronaut to go to space for orbiting Earth in 1962. 12 years later, at the age of 53, Glenn became a senator in Ohio and performed the role for 24 years. He entered World War 2 by dropping out of college and signed up for the Army. Glenn was also a part of the Korean War. After some years, he went on a nine-day mission aboard into space.
John Glenn
  • Vera Wang – She always wanted to be an Olympic skater but not always our dreams come true because there is some other plan in store. Her dreams got crushed since she couldn’t make it to the team and then she entered the Fashion Industry at the age of 40, and later became one of the leading names in fashion for being a premier woman’s designer.
  • Sara Blakely – Sara was a random salesperson and used to sell supplies for office for long seven years in her 20’s. She continued to be working under people until her own line of slimming footless pantyhose- Spanx, got launched and became a huge hit among the masses. At the age of 30, she left her sales job and started running her own company by investing her full time into it.
Sara Blakely
  • Jonah Peretti – Peretti used to teach middle-school goers about how to use Microsoft Office. He spent a long time of his life teaching Computer. Later in his 30’s Jonah happened to launch some news feed sites, Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post, which went viral in no time and helped him gain real success in life. He has also created a reblogging project named “Reblog”. Buzzfeed gave him most of the fame and is mainly known for memes and funny, pun related posts etc.
  • Jack Ma – This man is a Chinese business tycoon, an investor, and a philanthropist as well. He is right now the richest man in China with wealth worth billions and he is the co-founder and executive chairman of an MNC we all have heard about, Alibaba. Ma believed in the open market and market-driven economy and his extensive toiling and dedication gained him a 2nd place in the annual ranking of “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” in Forbes, in the year 2017. In his early phase of life, to earn a living, he had applied to nearly 30 various jobs and got turned down by all. Even during his application to Harvard Business School for ten consecutive times, his application got rejected. Later he got the taste of the Internet, using it for investments in business he worked it all out and raced to the top. He even entered the entertainment industry in 2017. In 2018, he announced to retire from Alibaba’s chairmanship and has decided to invest his time to philanthropy. Ma is a true inspiration to all those who think business is their way to succeed in life.
Image result for jack ma

Thought of the Post

The whole reason behind listing all these personalities, who did wonderfully in their lives and earned a fortune by doing what their hearts wanted, is to highlight the fact that following your heart will always give you success. Age is just a number and it cannot bind shackles around one’s dreams, hence success will come running to one, no matter what. Success will come and embrace you irrespective of how old one is. So never giving up is the cry!

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Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. the word itself says I M POSSIBLE!!

In life, success comes easy to some and for some, it’s a fruit, hard to harvest. What remains unchanged in both is the hard work invested. Some need to toil more and some just get the exposure right away. So all we need to realize is the fact that:

Opportunities do not knock on one’s door every day, but when it does, all one should do is not let it pass!!

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